Online yoga classes FAQ

1) If I register for an online class that happens on a different day/time than my in-person class registration, will I lose my spot when in-person classes resume?

Your in-person class spot will be waiting for you whenever it is publicly safe to resume in-person classes. Feel free to attend any day/time/number of online classes that suits your circumstances.

2) Will I have to register online for each class, each week of the yoga term?

Yes. In order for the website to email you the password embedded link to join the zoom class, you must register for each individually, weekly.

3) Can I pay by check for a bulk of classes, instead of paying weekly online via credit card?

Yes! Multiply the number of classes you want to attend this term by the price per class ($12 per 75 min class, $15 per 90 min class) and mail your check, payable to Jumping Monkey, to:

Todd Jackson
2507 NE 62nd Ave
Portland, OR 97213

Then, when you register for each individual class, at the point of registration, click 'check payment,' then scroll down to hit the 'submit' button to complete registration. This will bypass the credit card input screen and deliver the class-join link to you via email. You'll save several steps and speed the process up. Please send me an email to let me know if you opt to pay via check. Usage of pre-paid classes is on the honor system.

4) How soon before class do I need to click the Zoom class-join link I received?

Class will open 10 minutes before the starting time. Please click the link and be signed-in to your zoom account 10-2 minutes before class begins. If you do not make it before class begins, you can enter late, no problem.

5) Do I have to have my camera and microphone on?

Not at all. Many people participate without sharing their camera. Microphones will be automatically muted to help reduce noise.

6) If I miss a class I paid for, how do I make it up?

Simply register for another class and click 'check payment' when registering. You'll receive an email with the zoom link to attend and won't be charged.

7) I know other people who would like to join in on this. Can I tell them about this opportunity to practice inner-body yoga?

Yes! Feel encouraged to direct them to my website. It's ok to let your social circles and groups know about these classes.

8) I'm strapped for funds right now, given the employment situation. Is there a way I can participate without financial strain?

Indeed. Simply click the 'check payment' button at the point of registration and you'll be floating on complimentary accommodations.  Please see this supportive statement about complimentary classes.

9) Can I try a class first, before paying?

Yes you can! See #8, above.

10) I could use some yoga props. Can you recommend online sources?

I'm happy to share a list of the props we use for in-person classes and where I purchased them from. I'm also happy to share details about how to get props through Yoga Refuge, who is facilitating curb-side pick-up in addition to home delivery (if you're 3 miles from the studio).  Email me for prop details.

11) I'm a luddite, bereft of technological finesse. Is there a walk-through of how to register on your website and connect via Zoom?

Please see this page for detailed instructions with images.