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Inner-body Yoga testimonials

"I've been taking yoga with Todd for over a decade. Todd is a remarkably talented teacher who has an uncanny ability to create the class that is just what I need almost every week. He flexibly and creatively reads and adapts his plans to the people in the class without losing sight of the goals he has for us. His highly knowledgeable, compassionate, attentive, and light hearted approach have helped me learn to pay attention to my body in ways I never imagined possible, and I leave each class feeling stronger and better than I did when I walked into the room. I deeply appreciate that he provides options to accommodate the range of physical abilities in the class and encourages and supports each person to work at the level that is right for them. I benefit greatly from his ability to give us a clear focus to help our poses and practice through verbal explanations, physical demonstrations and individual assistance. Todd has helped me become stronger, healthier and more confident in my body and I feel privileged to be his student."

"Here's what I love about learning and practicing with Todd - he has a keen understanding of the way that bodies align to ensure ease, flexibility and strength and a great ability to communicate that understanding  so that I leave every class feeling stronger and more integrated, having internalized the knowledge both intellectually and physically."

"Todd's the perfect yoga teacher for me: he combines a keen understanding of how bodies move, hold, and release with a wonderful ability to communicate that knowledge in service of his students. In Todd's class I learn, I stretch, and I walk away feeling like I understand my body a bit better. It's the perfect recipe for me!"

"Used to be effort, Now inner body wisdom, No more yoga strain."

"I am grateful to have found such a teacher as Todd. As a body/mind therapist I am deeply interested in the innate wisdom of our body and the discovery of its wisdom through movement and metaphor.In yoga class Todd guides us not only on an anatomical/physiological level, but also on a mental, emotional and philosophical level, with his use of words and metaphors. He is very student-focused and provides a high level of individual attention, challenging us with his intelligence, compassion and humor. In class we must pay close attention to our body as he trains us toward stillness."

"Going to Todd's class is always something I look forward to. His intelligent observation and guidance create an environment that is engaging, fun, challenging, safe and respectful. He approaches yoga with practicality, lack of dogma and a refreshing willingness to meet everybody's body where it is at. - I may be middle aged and not so flexible, but there are props, techniques and modes of awareness for me to use to shift old patterns and move more freely."

"I've benefited from Todd's passion for Yoga and anatomy for over 15 years. With patience, humor, and gentle, hands-on teaching, Todd has helped me to visualize, access, shape and protect myself from within. This knowledge initially helped end chronic back pain, and now contributes to my ongoing good health."

"I am deeply grateful for my yoga practice with Todd. I knew from my first encounter that I had found a true teacher - someone who lives yoga, knows the body most intimately, a feeling that he has been doing this work for lifetimes. He has helped me to feel myself from the inside, so that my awareness is literally growing throughout the many layers of my being. My practice is paradoxically more gentle and rigorous because of it. Todd's teaching is comprehensive, respectful, and fun!"

"Todd is one of a kind. He so completely and fully understands the human body, how to maximize each pose and most importantly can effectively communicate this information in a way I can actually use it.  Since I have been learning with him, I have noticed some nice changes in my body and I know each time with him, I will add another tool to help further my practice.  As long as Todd Jackson is in Portland, I will be making time to practice with him."

"At twilight, when light hits a familiar tree and reveals it true beauty, that is what I see in Todd's yoga."

"Todd Jackson is the man if you want your practice to take you deep into your body! I've taken yoga for years from master-level teachers yet I've learned so much from him. His subtle adjustments, explanations of anatomy and deep understanding of the nuances of yoga have totally changed my practice.  He's grounded, consistent, funny, kind, caring and absolutely the best."

"One of the things I look forward to the most when I come to Todd's yoga class, is the knowledge that I will leave class having learned a new, golden yoga nugget that invariably deepens my practice every time."

"Only Todd could get a group of 50 to 60 'somethings' joyously and safely learning to do handstands and headstands for the first time in their lives!"

"Learning Yoga with Todd from the inside out, literally- skeletally, muscularly + fascially- makes the work of each pose understandable and achievable, from the most basic Tadasana to the complexities of a revolved 'Half Moon' pose."

"Ten years and counting of regular asana class with Todd and I can feel how time has stood nearly still for my body while non-yoga friends have incurred incremental lacks of strength and mobility in the same time period."

"Todd is a challenging yet supportive teacher with a keen observant eye and excellent communication skills. I greatly appreciate Todd's deep understanding of sequencing and how yoga asanas affect the body and the mind along with his ability to explain how to move a muscle or an organ to gain greater depth or ease in a pose."

"With a deep knowledge of the body's physical and emotional needs, Todd Jackson has guided me in both my personal yoga practice and teaching efforts for over 10 years. Best of all, Todd teaches with precision, compassion, and humor in an atmosphere that allows for self exploration. Todd is a source of inspiration for my yoga practice."

"I have studied with Todd for over 5 years. He is an excellent teacher and a wonderful person. I recently attended a yoga class at another studio and it gave me a huge appreciation for the high level of instruction we get from Todd. When taking a silent mediation workshop, I realized that any tiny bit of control I have over my busy mind has been learned in Todd's yoga class. I have learned to listen to my body and pay attention to what is going on inside. I am more centered and present because of studying with Todd. Whenever I leave class, I feel better about myself and the world around me."

"Everything Todd does teaches and challenges. Sometimes it sinks in. Always it makes a difference."

"Todd's yoga classes are not just a place to do yoga, but to learn yoga. He challenges his students to develop an inner sense of how they approach each pose. I feel my yoga is more integrated, aligned and, as a result, safer than before I started learning from Todd. He also brings a wonderful sense of humor and delight to his classes, never taking himself too seriously and thus allowing all level of student to feel comfortable and at ease."

"I've studied with Todd for almost ten years, through a number of physical challenges and changes of my own.  Beyond the artful sequencing, creative adaptations, and gentle humor he brings to his practice, my favorite thing about Todd is the breadth of his approach to yoga. This is not simple bending and stretching, but philosophy, physiology, biomechanics, the occasional anatomy lesson -- a challenging practice deep inside the body and mind as much as a working of muscles and positioning of limbs.  He provides opportunities to choose to work harder and deeper than I would perhaps elect on my own, resulting in a satisfying combination of exhaustion and quiet exhilaration."

"Todd Jackson is the best yoga discovery I've ever made. He delivers each yoga session with vast patience and humor. His demonstrations are clear and specific and corrections are made with gentle explicitness. Thanks to Todd's inner-body knowledge I've learned to control my fibromyalgia and arthritis pain. "Incredible" just about sums up my experiences in his classes."

"Todd's approach with Yoga has helped me to become aware of how my inner body feels and what it wants from my daily practice. His calm and consistent nurturing guides me to stimulate change and develop a peaceful inner felt sense that I can take with me throughout my day."

"Todd Jackson is an amazing teacher. His knowledge of the body and the way it moves gives each student insight into their own practice. He caters to all learning styles and gives you the tools to grow into your own skin. He makes you feel like you are your own teacher.  His voice and presence are another quality that I love about Todd. His voice is very kind and answers are very well thought out. I was never afraid to ask a question and his presence is very comforting. I hope to be a teacher like him someday, or somewhere close to it."

"Todd Jackson is a brilliant teacher. He has a kind, clear, gentle approach that allows his students to drop deep into their felt sense and move energy in a precise, nourishing way. His depth of knowledge of the subtle body is apparent in his beautifully choreographed sequencing. Todd's humble, humorous guidance has reignited my passion for yoga."

"Todd is a skillful, generous and profound teacher. His teaching is a clear transmission of his own deep practice and he creates a space that is challenging and safe in equal measure. I’m grateful for my work with Todd which takes me along subtle pathways, leading me to places of both powerful  clarity and spacious ease in my body and mind."

"Todd's yoga teaching is unique. While firmly based in established yoga traditions, Todd's classes are deeply informed by his own exploratory practice and his keen awareness and observation of his students. This is not a repetitive class that comes from a book, or even from the teaching of one school of yoga. Rather, each class deeply explores insights that come from Todd's own personal experience.  Expect to learn something new every class: not necessarily a new pose, but rather a deeper awareness or insight into a familiar pose.  To get the most from Todd, you should have a home practice where you can integrate the insights from each class into your own exploratory practice.  Todd teaches you to fish."

"After 15 years of Todd classes, I still never quite know what to expect from the next class. That's good."

"Todd has a keen awareness and a deep understanding of yoga asanas and the ability to effectively communicate and demonstrate how to do them properly.  He also provides individual instruction tailored to each student's needs."

"Prior to Todd's class, the idea that my mind could actually feel and adjust different parts of the inner body was beyond my realization. Often times it was just a subtle adjustment that made poses possible. I never dreamed I could do a head stand or back bend at my age! Not to mention how much younger I feel!"

"Todd is an extraordinary and exceptionally gifted yoga instructor. His expertise regarding the discipline is unique, and his ability to communicate the intricacies of yoga poses is unsurpassed. Among his many skills, and one of the most valuable, is his ability to assist students in fine-tuning the intricacies of poses. I learned to make small adjustments in my poses that had a big impact on how accurate and successful they were. Todd is patient and clear, and he always offers alternate ways to do every pose, never wanting students to push themselves beyond their own personal limits. His other practices in body work only serve to make him even better in the yoga studio. He is not only educated about how the body works, he is an intuitive healer. I cannot exaggerate what a gift it is to work with Todd and take a class from him. He is fantastic."

"Todd Jackson is a unique and exceptional teacher. His ability to observe and sense the inner body and then to guide his students to experience those subtleties in themselves is a profound teaching, and one that has greatly shifted my own yoga practice as well as how I approach my students. I am forever grateful."

"I am thrilled to have discovered Todd Jackson's yoga class. I'm amazed every week at his knowledge and passion for the yoga union of body and mind. He has a gift for seeing into the inner body and suggesting small changes that make a huge difference in strength, flexibility and alignment. And I have learned how to feel these things and apply that knowledge to my practice. He has given me the confidence and security to try challenging poses that I believed were beyond me and made them accessible to me. I love his sly sense of humor and his "subtle" reminders encouraging us to challenge ourselves at home. It is remarkable how Todd can read a group and scrap his lesson plan for an alternative depending on the energy he perceives. The multi-day yoga workshops have been an incredible way to grow and access more difficult poses."

Biodynamic Massage Workshop testimonials

"I've found the skills learned in Todd's Biodynamic Massage coursework to be very practical and applicable to my practice. I appreciate how Todd is able to integrate the biodynamic fluid system approach with soft-tissue work. His presentation of biodynamic principles are consistent with other trainings I have received in biodynamic craniosacral therapy. The perceptual skills required of biodynamic work lend themselves nicely to the direct but gentle hands-on techniques Todd shares in class.

"Todd brings a grounded, flowing, and playful presence to class. I have studied both QiGong and Biodynamic Massage with Todd, and he is always impeccable in his ability to transmit information; give concrete, hands-on demonstrations; respond thoroughly to spontaneous questions and scenarios; and manage the container and tone of the classroom atmosphere. Overall, his teaching style and knowledge base have helped elicit in me a greater sense of perceptual presence in a session, a sense of integrity through orientation to my core, greater trust of my instincts, a wider range of assesment skills, and an ever-broadening appreciation for the potential in this approach to bodywork."

"Todd offers great depth of understanding and experience. He is creative and honest. His energy is strong, gentle and clean. In his presence you can feel the good effects of his years of disciplined yoga and chi gong practices. As you learn Bio dynamic massage there will be some things that you immediately grasp and others that come with time and practice and paying attention. It is an approach with endless depth. I am grateful to have studied with Todd. My massage clients reap the benefits, as do I whenever I trade with another of his students."

"Todd's teaching style is very relaxed and comfortable, he shares what he knows with friendly warmth and humor. His classes are full of what students need most, hands-on practice with plenty of individual attention. Todd teaches from his own extensive experience and shows his students how to access their own felt sense and knowledge. During the Biodynamic massage workshop you will learn to work in a deeper and more specific way, following as the clients body leads you to the areas that really need attention and awareness."

"The Biodynamic Massage Workshop began a process of unraveling for me, individually and in my work with clients. At first I was confused by some of the concepts and techniques, but deep inside I knew they presented the authentic path that I had been looking for in my Bodywork. Todd's gentle, yet demanding, approach is a perfect blend, as he attentively attunes himself to the needs of each student. His confident and supportive nature provides a nurturing and safe environment. The work slowly unfolds itself, and I realized that patience and grace for my process was a requirement. Biodynamic Massage has completely altered the way I give bodywork. I don't think I would have been able to continue in my career, had I not taken Todd's class. Literally, it is changing my life."

"Todd Jackson's approach to body work, "Biodynamic Massage" has changed the way I work and I could never go back to the ways I was taught previously. My clients love the work, and I am much happier giving massage with the Biodynamic approach. Todd is the most authentic and inspiring teacher I have ever come across; he stays true to his own experience and allows and encourages his students to do the same, very refreshing."

What did you like most about the biodynamic massage workshop?

"Compared to other CE's, it was the perfect balance of giving & receiving so I didn't feel completely drained after each 8 hour day. The material was presented in a clear way and in a TANGIBLE, useful way."

"I really enjoyed being able to take my deep tissue practice to another level by allowing the receiver's body to guide me rather than my will and intention."

"I loved, loved this training and wish you offered more modules per year."

"I love your explanations - the way you can describe a felt sense so that I can then get there."

"Not too much 'special sharing circle.' The amount of actual practice and hands on assistance was fantastic. Your crowd control was respectful and dynamic. Beth and Donna are great assistants."

"Your ability to integrate the different personalities of the LMT's and keep the group focused on this work."

"Love the work, the way time was organized, the amount of wonderful personal attention from you and the assistants - fabulous workshop overall."

"Thank you all. I appreciate the amount of assistance I had during treatments + how everyone managed group dynamics."

"Other than the chocolate? I love that it's so experiential. I love Todd's good-humored approach + ability to notice and accentuate everyone's strengths."

"Breaking free from fragmented massage + learning how to tap into a dynamic, less 'linear' and muscle oriented bodywork."

"How much time we actually spent practicing. The pacing felt supportive to the learning process."

"Todd's concrete language invention that pointed to the specificities of the subtle nuances of this technique. The sensitivity to the whole room, the whole group as a system...for how and when to apply specific instruction/demonstration/attention."

"I loved the caring, authentic, close-in instruction, modeling & corrections - and appreciate the supportive intention behind them."

"Nurturing. Great energy. Thorough demonstrations - support, support support ! "

"When I got one on one instructions from all three teachers."

"Very hands on - not too much talk/info first."

"The instruction was superb & the personal help while practicing was essential."

"I loved the small group and individual attention.  Todd met all of us where we were at, allowing each of us to move at our own rate while encouraging us to push beyond our comforts.

Biodynamic Cranial Workshop testimonials

"Todd is an incredibly authentic, thoughtful, and insightful teacher and practitioner. His deep commitment to self-refinement shines through in his work. The quality of presence that he is able to maintain as he works and teaches is inspiring and profoundly healing."

"Todd's method of teaching Cranial Therapy is the most authentic, effective, and non-invasive approach I have experienced. During his workshops we are allowing our client to be just as they are without any preconceived notion of what "should" be happening in the body while bringing awareness to the quietude within them. It is amazing how doing almost nothing, with awareness abounding, allows the client to naturally go towards health. This quietude-based approach has been profoundly effective with my clients, and continues to deepen. Giving and receiving this work has enhanced my life in a way that I am eternally grateful."

"Todd is a very thoughtful and generous teacher. He is able to give each student what they need while keeping the entire class engaged. His extremely hands on workshops provides not only a new way of approaching bodywork but a new way of approaching life. I now work and live with more ease,serenity, and awareness."

"I return to Todd's classes repeatedly because the depth of what he offers is endless. In every class, my learning is profound. I get a new perspective and new tools for working with clients."

"Todd Jackson changed the entire way I practice. As an acupuncturist with basic craniosacral knowledge, Todd showed me a whole new level of appreciating and understanding the body's intelligent communication systems that speak through the silence of being deeply and fully present with each patient. I am so grateful for Todd, his wonderful presence in this world, and the gifts he teaches."

"For 10 years Todd’s presence and words have provided clear cues to support my return to wholeness. He reminded me of the central sustaining place of Nature in my life, of hydrating my soul in the sea of doing nothing, of seeing into motive patterns, and of recognizing what to release to become lighter— including some of the inherited communication patterns of aggression I had absorbed as part of becoming socialized. He also showed me how to tune the instrument of my Being toward inner guides that led me back to the infinite universe inside. All of these contributed to the rebuilding of an internally sound foundation-one capable of bridging Heaven and Earth. And what happened next is most profound. With a timeless skillfulness, he dissolved into the source of wholeness, facilitating a full and unobstructed view."

What did you like most about Todd's biodynamic cranial workshop?

"The experiential focus rather than words/anatomy."

"Todd - he was confident and inspiring. He also effectively encouraged me to stick with it. I loved the emphasis on presence."

"The concept of looking for health (instead of problems) in a person was a much appreciated paradigm shift for me."

"Your organization and creativity and varied exercises for application. Mixing it up made it fun and spontaneous!"

"The amount of hands-on work we were able to do, it was not all reading & book work. This kept my attention and I was able to learn. Also when I was struggling Todd always knew just how to make it easy so I could understand my felt sense."

"Flexibility of focus during the workshop - seemed like the curriculum was changeable depending upon needs."

"Your loving presence and gentle guidance from start to finish. You explain difficult concepts with utmost patience and never seem to get hooked into someone's particular issue or potential conflict. But my fave was all the hands-on time!"

"I truly appreciate all the personal attention in treatment time and answering questions. This was the finest and most fun workshop I have ever attended."

"The profound transformation from quietude & stillness. I appreciate Todd's ability to articulate this etheric work in such a grounded, real way. That allowed me to connect very quickly to the work."

"Excellent individual attention; open, non-judgemental attitude that greatly facilitated learning and a different feeling about the knowledge that was already present."

"The recognition of the gathering of health in the body rather than focusing on disease or what's not working."

"Having studied with Upledger years ago, I have felt motility before, but now really connect deeply to it and can go beyond!"