Treatment Courses

There are a number of factors which influence treatment intervals and duration.  The length of time the issue has been presenting or developing, the intention of the client, and their level of fitness to mobilize inner healing forces.

Sometimes what emerges in a session is completely unexpected. Some clients schedule treatments to give the unexpected an opportunity to express itself even if they don't have an active issue they're pursuing.  Typically, most clients move between four different types of treatment courses:

  1. Client schedules a series of 4-6 treatments close together to address a specific issue.  Client may not be seen again for 6 months to several years, until another issue presents itself to be addressed.
  2. Client schedules an appointment 1-4 times a year, usually at the change of season, for general health and maintenance.
  3. Client schedules treatment as needed.  One single session on certain occasions. 
  4. Client schedules regular treatment (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly) for a longer period of time according to their intentions.