Video library FAQ

1) When are new classes added to the subscription bundle

I do my best to update the subscription bundle with the current week's classes at the end of the week. It is not always practical for me to stay current with updating. Expect that it will fall behind. I eagerly await advances in cloning technology so that I can utilize a Todd-clone for admin work. Video processing is labor intensive.

2) How long do I have access to the videos?

The videos within the subscription bundle are available to be watched at your convenience while you're subscribed. If you cancel your subscription, then you will not be able to view them until the subscription is renewed. While you are subscribed, you can watch videos as many times as you like, at your convenience.

The videos of workshops or individual yoga terms which you purchase outright can be viewed online indefinitely. So if you purchase the 2020 July Immersion, you can watch it in standard definition or high definition as many times as you like, at your convenience.

3) What is the relationship between being registered for a specific class and having access to the subscription bundle?

You can be registered for an entire term of classes, meaning that you attend the same online class each week on the same day and time for the duration of the term.

When you subscribe to the bundled online classes, you gain access to all the video recordings of classes from previous terms. I will do my best to add current term classes, but cannot guarantee they will be available due to time constraints. As an example, you could be registered to attend the live, streaming class on Wednesdays @ 6:30am, and also subscribed to the "Weekly Yoga Classes" bundle. This scenario would let you attend the live class on Wednesday mornings, plus give you access to watch the following classes from the previous terms (and possibly current term): Tues @ 6:30am, Tues @ 8:30am, Wed @ 6:30am, Thurs @ 6:30am, Thurs @ 8:30am.

4) My 10 day free trial concluded. Do I need to do anything to continue having access?

There's nothing to do. The subscription auto-renews each month, billed to your credit card, with the price modified by any coupons previously applied. If at any time you want to end your subscription, visit the video library, go into your user account and cancel the subscription.

5) I'm registered to attend a term of online streaming classes and missed a class. How do I make it up?

Attend any other class I teach during the same term. Links to all classes were provided with your online streaming class registration. Simply click one and join at your convenience to do a make-up. This is similar to the way make-ups function for in-person classes.

The video library subscription exists separate from online class registration. It offers recordings of previous term's classes. I endeavor to add current term classes to the bundle, but as this is a labor intensive process and I am unstaffed, it will inevitably fall behind. It becomes current again during the break between terms.