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Winter Term Yoga Classes, Jan 7 to March 19 = 11 weeks

Tuesday 6:30-8:00am - Level 2 Wait-list

  8:30-10:00am - Level 2 Wait-list

Wednesday 6:30-8:00am - Level 2 Wait-list

Thursday 6:30-8:00am - Level 2 Wait-list

  8:30-10:00am - Level 2 Wait-list

Pricing for the winter term is $198, attending the same day and time each week. You can join a class that has already begun and pay a pro-rated tuition for the remaining classes. Drop-ins are $20 per class.  A special discount applies when registering for more than one 6:30am class.

If you are a registered student, you may make-up missed classes at any of the above, including the wait-listed classes. You may also bring a friend to class and transfer your missed-class credit to them.

Wait-list classes are not available for dropping-in.  Please join the wait-list if you'd like to enter the class when a spaces opens up.

How does this registration system work?

Students register to attend a specific class, attending the same day and time each week, for the duration of the term. There are winter, spring, summer and fall terms. Winter and Spring terms are typically 10-11 weeks long. Summer term is typically 8-9 weeks long. Fall term is typically 12-14 weeks long. If you miss a class, you can attend any class Todd teaches to make-up your missed class within the current term.

Once you're an officially registered student, you have first option to renew your registration in the same class for the following yoga term, so long as you attend 60% or more of the classes in the current term. If attendance is less than 60%, then the spot will be offered to the next person on the waitlist for the class, provided a waitlist exists.

new students

If a class has space in it, you can click the 'drop-in' button (above) to let Todd know you'll be checking out the class. Or, you can click the 'register' button (above) to officially register for the remaining portion of the term, reserving your space in class, and paying a pro-rated tuition for the remaining classes in the term.

waitlist process

If a class is full, join the waitlist for that specific class, by clicking the 'waitlist' button. You'll receive an email inviting you to register for the class, as soon as your name reaches the top of the waitlist. If more than one class offering works for your schedule, it is recommended to join the waitlist for each class that works for you, so that you can attend at first opportunity. If you are currently teaching yoga, please let Todd know, as fellow yoga teachers receive expedited placement from the waitlist into yoga classes.

What are the requirements to enter a Level 2 class?

Students should be familiar with all the basic standing poses (see Light on Yoga, by BKS Iyengar) and be able to sustain them for 60 seconds per side, without any negative side effects, soreness, shaking, etc. A two-minute plank and a two-minute downward dog are also minimums to enter a Level 2 class. It is strongly recommended that students regularly attend a beginner yoga class for a year or more before transitioning into one of the classes above. This is to ensure not only basic familiarity with the process, but to begin to cultivate the awareness necessary to understand and integrate the verbal and kinesthetic cues shared within the Level 2 class. A strong foundation of the basics, along with preparatory strength development, will reduce the risk of injury and improve the quality of your experience in an intermediate class.

Registration and attendance policy

  • Renewing registration for a term without utilizing the space (as a means of "holding" a spot in the class) is not an option. All class spaces will be filled by actively attending students.
  • Students who attend 60% or more of the classes in a term will have first option to renew their registration for the following term.
  • Students who attend fewer than 60% of classes, and have not informed Todd of a significant barrier preventing their attendance, will be placed on a waitlist if they'd like to register for the upcoming term of classes.
  • If you renew your registration for a term, but will miss the first class, advanced notice of that absence is required; without advance notice, the space will be offered to someone on the waitlist.
  • Those opting to pass on renewing registration for the coming term (but desiring to re-join the class later) will be placed on the waitlist and re-invited to join the class as soon as their name reaches the top of the list.
  • If you would like to change classes, you will receive expedited placement from the waitlist for the destination class to help provide continuity for your studies.
  • Yoga teachers receive expedited placement from the waitlists into classes. Please let Todd know where you're teaching, or training to teach, when joining a waitlist.
  • If your registration status changes at any time, notify Todd ASAP to provide time to contact someone on the waitlist and give them access to that space.
  • If a personal medical issue presents, students will receive credit for missed classes.
  • Absence due to colds, flu, and other common illness will not be credited, but can be made up by attending another class during the current term.
  • There is no carry-over of missed class credit from one term to another. Make-up your missed classes during the current term. You can make-up classes in advance of your absence if you know you'll be away. You can bring an appropriately skilled yoga friend to class and transfer your missed class credit to them. You can make-up missed classes in any class listed above, even the full classes.
  • Long-term students may pro-rate one of the four terms a year if they will be missing classes due to family medical developments.
  • Tuition will not be pro-rated to accommodate personal or professional travel. Students are encouraged to make-up travel related absences during the current term.
  • Students who need to leave class early will exit the building at least 10 minutes before the end of class. It is ok to leave your props out when departing early.  Please lie down for a 5-10 minute savasana before departing.
  • A refund of unused classes is possible only if requested via email before the third class of the term.

2020 class term schedule:

Winter - January 7 to March 19 - (11 weeks)
Spring - April 7 to June 11 - (10 weeks)
Summer - June 23 to August 13 - (8 weeks)
Fall - September 8 to December 10 - (14 weeks)