Free Yoga Classes

If your current financial situation doesn't include a yoga class budget, that's ok by me. I don't care if you can't pay. Please come. Attend classes. As many as you find helpful each week. Let the yoga support you.

If your budget permits one or two classes a week, but you'd like to attend more, please be my guest for additional complimentary classes.

Establishing regular patterns, taking care of ourselves, exercising and relaxing. These essentials provide nourishment to sustain us through uncertainty and persistent stress. Online streaming yoga classes play a pivotal role in regulating our nervous, mental, emotional and digestive systems. Please feel encouraged to attend, regardless of your ability to pay tuition. We all need support and healthy activity.

To attend a class without paying simply click 'check payment' when registering for a class (see registration links below). This will bypass the payment requirement. You'll receive an email with the zoom join-in link for the class.

If you're a first-time attendee, you may want to review how to set up an account on this website and register for classes. Please see this guide.

Summer Term Yoga Classes, June 23 to Aug 13

All class times are listed as Pacific Time.

Tuesday 6:30-7:45am - Level 2 - Aug 11 Register

Tuesday 8:30-9:45am - Level 2 - Aug 11 Register

Wednesday 6:30-8:00am - Level 2 - Aug 12 Register

Thursday 6:30-7:45am - Level 2 - Aug 13 Register

Thursday 8:30-9:45am - Level 2 - Aug 13 Register