Todd helps students experience inner-body integration. His teaching guides students to balance the
sensations of weight distribution, directional movement and tissue resiliency within. In addition to
public yoga classes, Todd offers yoga teacher training via advanced studies in yoga sequencing, how 
to see and understand bodies, and detailed inversion practices.

Todd is known for his sequencing skills, sophisticated hands-on adjustments and friendly humor. His
ability to see and understand what is happening in a student’s body from across the room has earned 
him a reputation as a teacher who can adeptly guide students through their challenges to greater 
ease and joy in the poses. Teaching since 1997, Todd graduated from the Advanced Studies Program
at The Yoga Room in Berkeley, where he continues his long-term studies with Donald Moyer and
 Mary Lou Weprin. learn more

biodynamic massage

Biodynamic Massage combines deep tissue massage with biodynamic cranial therapy. A balanced
blend of direct and indirect approaches, it trains the practitioner to discover precisely where and
how to work. Todd Jackson began developing Biodynamic Massage in 1994. After 15 years of
dedicated refinement, he began teaching this approach in 2009. During biodynamic massage, we
learn to recognize, palpate and follow the body’s own inherent plan for self healing. Todd maintains
an inclusive and supportive learning environment by bringing patient presence, humor, sensitive
observation skills, and sophisticated hands-on guidance to the group. Beginning to advanced
courses, training supplements and mentorship are available. learn more

biodynamic craniosacral therapy

Todd trained in biomechanical cranial work with Alain Gehin, D.O. (Spain) and biodynamic cranial
work with Bruno Ducoux, D.O. (France) in addition to many other cranial specialists. Practicing
since 1994 and teaching since 1997, he emphasizes the importance of personal cultivation within the
practitioner. Quality and depth of treatment can be powerfully influenced by how the practitioner’s
awareness functions in the moment. Technique and knowledge can leverage change for the
client, but a practitioner who can orient properly to the present moment facilitates a more robust
integration of health. Todd’s cranial workshops train practitioners how to find this relationship
to the present moment while working in the cranial realm. His goal is to help practitioners learn
directly from the cranial system instead of clinging to concepts and protocols. Beginning to advanced
courses, training supplements and mentorship are available. learn more


“I am grateful to have found such a teacher as Todd. As a body/mind therapist I am deeply interested
in the innate wisdom of our body and the discovery of its wisdom through movement and metaphor.
In yoga class Todd guides us not only on an anatomical/physiological level, but also on a mental,
emotional and philosophical level, with his use of words and metaphors. He is very student-focused