Beginning Biodynamic Massage

Provide massage while accessing and following biodynamic quietude.


Biodynamic Massage Supplement

Hands-on guidance to supplement your understanding and growth between workshops.


Intermediate Biodynamic Massage

Moving toward whole field perception, pineal palpation, and hub processing.


Intermediate Biodynamic Massage Immersion
(BIODM 2i)

A giving and receiving retreat with guided assistance during practice.


Biodynamic Unwinding
(Unwind 1)

Supporting movements and positions which emerge from biodynamic processes.


Advanced Biodynamic Massage

Recognizing motives, relinquishing volition, finding freedom.


Advanced Biodynamic Massage Immersion
(BIODM 3i)

Community practice, biodynamic exploration, personal and professional transformation.


Beyond Biodynamic Massage

Lose your sense of self, positively, and discover what remains.


Biodynamic Massage Mentorship

One on one professional support to nourish your advancement of biodynamic work.


Listen to Todd being interviewed for the Craniosacral Podcast by Ryan Hallford.

What is the difference between biodynamic cranial and biodynamic massage?

Why I Love Biodynamic Massage” by Monica Rudestam, LAc., MSOM


biodynamic massage

Biodynamic Massage combines deep tissue massage with biodynamic cranial therapy.  A balanced blend of direct and indirect approaches, it trains the practitioner to discover precisely where and how to work.  This guidance verifies the practitioner’s effectiveness with a marked change in tissue quality. It is beautifully simple and therefore attainable by those new to the fields of massage or cranial therapy.  It becomes profoundly sophisticated as one’s ease and skill advance, offering nourishment for practitioners well versed in both fields.

Learn how to facilitate the expression of health already within your clients.  Modify pressure, direction of movement and surface area of contact to elicit the healing potency of the cranial system to reorganize the connective tissues for you.   You will learn how to connect with the intelligence within the body and follow it, allowing the massage to be guided by the client’s own healing forces. This is very different than massage being guided by your ‘intuition’ or by a prescribed protocol for manipulation. During biodynamic massage, we learn to recognize, palpate and follow the body’s own inherent plan for self healing.

Todd Jackson began developing Biodynamic Massage in 1994.  After 15 years of dedicated refinement, he began teaching this approach in 2009.   Todd maintains an inclusive and supportive learning environment by bringing patient presence, humor, sensitive observation skills, experienced and sophisticated hands-on guidance to the group. Class sizes are intentionally small and assistants are employed to ensure students confidently integrate the approach.  Ongoing support is available after workshops via Supplements, Treatment Exchanges, Feedback Sessions and Mentorship.  Please see the current curriculum offered below.