Welcome back everyone!

It’s been truly wonderful to work with three-dimensional bodies again, in a small community gathering. We are meeting at Yoga Refuge, located at 7831 SE Stark, Suite 300.

The prerequisites to attend yoga classes in-person are to be fully vaccinated and to complete the in-person attendance consent form. To meet the prerequisites, email Todd a picture of your vaccination card, and fill out the in-person attendance consent form. Your user account will then be able to register to attend.

Attending in-person also provides the option to attend via zoom as desired, as your registration confirmation email will include zoom links for all the classes.

If you miss an in-person class, you can make it up at any other in-person class during the same term. You also have the option of attending an online class as a make-up.

With the delta variant passing through Portland, class size will be limited to 12 students plus the teacher, allowing for approximate social distancing. Everyone attending will wear a mask while the mask mandate is in effect.

In-person attendance is by full term registration only. You can join at any point during the term to attend the remaining classes, paying a pro-rated tuition. No drop-ins for in-person attendance. Please attend the online version if you’d like to drop-in.


Is this the yoga you’ve been searching for?

See what students are saying.


Experiencing financial hardship?

Attend online classes for free.


Want this yoga, but on different days/times?

Check out the Yoga Class Recordings bundle so you can watch at your convenience. See the video library faq for more details.


Where can I get yoga props for my home practice?

See this list of recommended props and vendors.


What is the difference between registering for a class and dropping-in to a class?

Registering for a class means that you attend on the same day and time each week, for all classes remaining in the current term. Dropping-in means that you’re attending just the single class that day.