This is a 2 hour class

All class times are listed as Pacific Time. Recommended props for this class include mat, strap, 2 blocks, 4-6 blankets, round bolster, yoga chair.


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Want this yoga, but on different days/times?

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If I miss a class, how do I make it up?

You can attend any other online class during the current term. Simply drop-in to a class, and use the coupon “makeup” at checkout. Or, you can use one of the links received in the confirmation email for your class.


Where can I get yoga props for my home practice?

See this list of recommended props and vendors.


Any recommendations for a better zoom experience?

See these considerations to improve your ability to see the teacher, or be seen by the teacher.


What is the difference between registering for a class and dropping-in to a class?

Registering for a class means that you attend on the same day and time each week, for all classes remaining in the current term. Dropping-in means that you’re attending just the single class that day.