Dissolution and Disappearance

(Cranial 3)

Relinquishing practitioner motives and merging into unlimited quietude.

Prerequisites: Open to all state licensed health-care providers. After completing Deepening Quietude (Cranial 2), receive 20 biodynamic cranial treatments (10 from lineage-endorsed bodyworkers) and give 20 one-hour biodynamic cranial sessions. Hand in your cranial practice log documenting giving/receiving times.


27 CEUs  |  maximum 12 students

dissolving pierDeep inner work for the practitioner to help them move along the spectrum of quietude towards Silence. Set aside personal preferences, affinities, motives and desires. Learn how to remain unruffled, aware and at peace as your sense of self dissolves. Perhaps even disappear altogether. As the practitioner becomes less, the healing becomes more.

Dissolution happens when previously separate, distinct, or solid entities become less so, dissolve into the background texture of the surrounding space, resulting in a perception of a more homogenized textural space. Dissolution can happen on many levels. There can be a dissolution of physical tension. There can be a dissolution of hub, of pith. There can be a dissolution of the sense of personal individuality within the client, and/or of the practitioner. It can even happen that time and space dissolve.

As the depth of quietude advances within a client, practitioner, or both, it may approach the boundary between stillness & silence. As the dissolving agency of stillness progresses in a local area within the client, the client and practitioner can observe the local area “disappear” or no longer be sense-able. Some clients report that it feels as if the body region being worked by the practitioner is no longer there. Practitioners can feel as if their hands disappear into the client. They can feel their wrists, but the hands have merged with the clients body and have become imperceptible. The area previously being palpated can no longer be felt. It has disappeared.

course highlights

  • seated meditation – together we sit to witness what emerges when the mind goes into abeyance. to recognize, feel, and work with the upper end of the quietude spectrum, our internal noises must take a hiatus
  • heart amplification – in addition to the heart to hand to hub circuit, we add a direct connection from practitioner heart to client heart, directly through the biodynamic field, ushering in new depths non-personal love and support during the process
  • motive identification – we study how motives relate to concentration, personal beliefs, ego concerns and client outcomes. how to identify motives when they present and how to work with them in the moment as well as outside the office
  • post phase change dynamics – continued exploration of connecting with more advanced textures of quietude as they form reservoirs and transits. as quietude advances to more subtle depths and we can merge with it, this leads us to dissolution and disappearance
  • group field support – begin sensing and being guided by the biodynamic field shared among all in the classroom while multiple practitioners treat a couple of recipients
  • dissolution process – practice the steps that take you to the threshhold of dissolving in hub quietude
  • disappearance process – how might it happen that presence remains when we do not, yet treatment continues?
  • non-dual emplacement – understand how to work with the placement of felt sense and the orientation of awareness to be ready for a spontaneous non-dual treatment moment



student feedback

What is different in your cranial work now, after these 4 days of study together?

“I feel more confident because of spaciousness in my observation, less self judgement presents. Softness is readily available.”

“All that heart work super cracked open something in me and widened my perceptions.”

“I feel more clarity in my central channel, more space in my heart to listen and feel. I’m feeling my body relax more.”

“I feel the level of quietude that I can perceive has expanded into more dimensions of space/time. My range of perception and interface has increased and clarified.”

“I can feel phase change so much better now.”

“I can swaddle a hub with my hands far apart now. Plus, I’m invested in meditation now too.”

“Less anxiety and striving during practice. More confidence in palpation and following into the unknown.”

“The heart to heart connection is coming online. A new relationship and embodiment of the pineal gland.”

“My ability to stay present with the treatment cycle has increased!”

“Being able to palpate homogeneous spaces feels like a real milestone in my practice.”


What moment made the most memorable difference in your ability to understand the work?

“Todd’s narration of my heart-heart connection process with recipient.”

“All the receiving time allowed me to feel the potentcy of the work and this feeling guided me when treating.”

“The quiet that was part of the class and cultivated in the class.”

“The experience of letting go of ‘trying’ and relaxing into the quietude.”

“When you showed me what the physical movement of the heart feels like during the heart-hand-hub circuit.”

“When Todd made my questioning mind implode and the insights arrived. And the motive integration work.”

“All the personal assistance from Todd, Deborah, April.”

“When you stayed with me during phase change and I got to feel what that felt like in my pineal gland.”

“When supported by the person on the table while I was treating, it helped clarify motives and memory in operation.”

“I found the group exercise to be an amazing and transformative way to really have a palpable experience of the field of quietude in the room. That has never completely left and has allowed me to feel supported in my sessions.”


What would you like to share about the assistants?

“April and Stacy brought an authentic presence, supportive and soft.”

“I received a lot of loving and patient guidance from them.”

“Perceptive, helpful, humble, approachable, comfortable to be with.”

“Whey they say ‘I don’t know,’ it prompts me to relax. And, their way with words makes sense to me.”

“I want to thank them for asking me questions while I worked, and also for asking questions of Todd to reinforce my learning.”

“Phenomenal presence, full of light and wisdom.”

“I loved how they amplified the work to help me feel and sense.”

“April’s gentle, accepting, open heart makes it so easy to be witnessed and supported by her.”


Any other feedback you’d like to share?

“What I learned in the first morning of the class alone was worth the price of the class. It feels like my skill level has increased tenfold!”

“The workshop was beneficial beyond my expectation. Especially good!”

“It was all great and challenging.”

“Thank you for the wonderful small learning environment – the material is fantastic and I appreciate all the work you do to help me grow as a practitioner.”

“I appreciate the patience embodied by Todd and this community. It felt like a safe learning environment to explore the vulnerability of motives.”

“I really enjoyed  the variety of offerings through the thoroughly thought out exercises.”

“There was a really nice balance of conversation, practice and meditation.”

“Thank you for your brilliant honesty.”

“The workshop had the effect of both sharpening and softening my perceptions and range of work.”

“Thanks for providing each of us the space to build quietude within, so that we could be that gift for one another and beyond.”

“Thanks for increasing the number of classes you’re teaching. The biodynamic world needs your input.”

“This was a potent workshop that is inviting me to question the basic approach I take to my work. I thought I had a sense of space, but this was almost unfathomable.”