Sacred Heart

(Cranial 4)

Central channel based vertical walking and moving treatment.

Prerequisites: Open to all licensed health-care providers. Successfully complete Biodynamic Unwinding and either Cranial 3 or BIODM 3 courses. After completing the Biodynamic Unwinding course, receive 15 biodynamic unwinding treatments (5 from lineage-endorsed bodyworkers) and give 15 one-hour biodynamic unwinding sessions. Hand in your cranial practice log documenting giving/receiving times.


20 CEUs  |  maximum 8 students

sacred heart image for webSacred Heart treatments help clients experience improved congruency between the movements of their central channel expressions and the movements of their physical form. Central channel expressions can be considered as expressions less influenced by what one might call the personal sense of self. By learning to feel and follow these expressions, we more closely embody life’s expressions in lieu of being guided by what we consider “me and mine.”

Treatment begins with the client and practitioner standing in an unconfined, open space. The practitioner places their hands on the client’s body and gently assists the client in moving with the expressions emerging from the central channel. After some time walking around the treatment area, the process may shift to standing work or transition to floor work.

Twenty years of content development, teaching process refinement, and the fortunate happenstance to find practitioners not only interested in pursuing this aspect of biodynamic work, but having demonstrated the requisite cultivation of presence and responsiveness to facilitate this work, have supported its emergence. Thank you for making this possible. I hope you find it deeply nourishing and transformative beyond conception.

course highlights

  • benefits enumeration – explore how Sacred Heart treatments benefit clients, practitioners when giving, and especially practitioners when in the role of receiving
  • position specific skill sets – gain practice and confidence learning specific skills to assist clients when they’re processing while walking, standing, seated, and on the floor
  • central channel integration – experience clarity, healing and continuity of the central channel as the walking treatments resolve challenges between the forces of heavens and earth as they move through the central channel
  • dynamic mudra enhancement – expand your dynamic mudra sensitivity and responsiveness to biodynamic fields as the central channel finds new freedom
  • off body interfacing – apply dynamic mudra training to deliver biodynamic treatment with the hands off the recipient’s body
  • emerging expression support – advanced unwinding help with integrating previous space preparations and quietude transits, allowing for something new to enter the being, not based upon the past, or upon personal motives. a happening of initiation or unfolding into into new form, new being
  • multiple hands processing – gain experience assisting recipients alongside other practitioners. receive profound support from multiple high level practitioners simultaneously



student feedback

What did you value most about this training?

“There is so much freedom in the container, and the kind of felt-sense intimacy cultivated through the training, which to experience is transformative and healing in every way.”
“The shared experience of talking, giving, and receiving between everyone was nourishing. But the uniqueness of how we are taught to let go and be open makes the experiences so nourishing. You brought a feeling of acceptance, patience, and listening (non-personal love) to the class, which allowed us to be open.”
“The overall harmony between practitioners. The utter lack of pretense, worry, posturing, competition. Your workshops always feel safe to me but this one even more than usual. It felt easier for me to be vulnerable as a recipient, particularly to be seen and accepted.”
“I valued the articulation of detailed responses to difficult questions. An ability to almost explain the unexplainable.”


What moment made the most memorable difference in your ability to understand this work?

“One of the first exercises we did on the first day, where we all followed our central channels for an extended period of time, there was something that clicked in my awareness about how effortless the work is.”
“Over and over again, without effort I would be moved from far across the room to fill in the physical shape of the ripening neutral just before or during the phase change. And then pushed out again shortly after.”
“You said, “be with the person. Don’t look at the person.” I kept reminding myself what you said when I got lost, and it would help me get back to their central channel and follow the quietude.”
“Feeling my body being drawn into a particular shape while giving and following that without thought and staying with this sensation of being moved in space.”
“The explanation of ‘don’t hold yourself in space; feel yourself in space.’ I finally understood how that feels in my body and how to unstick myself and re-enter the flow.”


What was the most significant moment for you personally during this workshop?

“For me it was after being a recipient at the end of the day and sitting in such a connected quietness, it was the most consciously connected I’ve ever felt in a collective setting before, and the ripples of embodied insight washing through us.”
“When I was receiving fundamental love and support to younger or previous parts, that filled in the places that were lacking– like rewriting history in some way, toward more health and love. I feel extremely lucky to have received this.”
“Knowing that I love being alive and feel immense gratitude for my life and knowing that we all belong, we all love and that we all yearn to be loved.”


Any other comments you’d like to make?

“Through the work I feel love, what it is, how to allow it to flow, to be it, more deeply. Thank you.”
“I’m grateful to find this way of working.”
“I’m really grateful…especially for this workshop. It has probably been my favorite so far, and I really cherish that I got to go.”
“It feels like coming home – quiet, unspecial, true.”
“I cannot express my gratitude for the gift of this work and practice. This work has transformed my life and myself. I will attempt to notice desire or aversion, to see how it agitates my nervous system and begin to move from a relaxed place in my life.”
“This was the workshop, the moment, the experience of my lifetime. The most transformation in 4 days than ever before.”