Beyond Biodynamic Massage


Lose your sense of self, positively, and discover what remains.

Prerequisites: Open to all state licensed health-care providers. After completing Advanced Biodynamic Massage (BIODM 3) and attending an Advanced Biodynamic Massage Immersion (BIODM 3i), receive 52 90-minute biodynamic massage treatments from practitioners who have also completed the BIODM 3 and BIODM 3i events, and give 52 90-minute biodynamic massage treatments to practitioners who have completed both the BIODM 3 and BIODM 3i events. Hand in your practice log documenting giving/receiving times.


30 CEUs  |  maximum 8 students

helix nebula imageGo beyond the knowledge learned about biodynamic massage to delivering biodynamic massage without an intervening controller. Into abeyance goes the sense of self that seeks information, makes decisions, performs assessments, and executes preferences and aversions. Fully realize the quietude directed massage aspired to since beginning biodynamic massage.

course highlights

  • non-seeking – notice the moments when seeking information/connection break immersion in the biodynamic field and let treatment unfold without the strain of acquiring
  • treating without self evaluation – understand the futile impossibility of doing it “right.” how the real-time assessment of correct performance downgrades biodynamic immersion
  • being vs. looking – sense and embody the non-dual emplacement where there is no longer a “looker” and “looked at,” but a uniform beingness experiencing massage. go beyond faith, trust, belief and intellectual understanding to the living awareness of undivided wholeness with motive free activity
  • centerless work – not uncentered, but without center. what is it like to treat with neither a center nor periphery?
  • pith conguency – learn to palpate the fast, repetitive movements within pith, letting them guide your hands, delivering support to quietude transits, vivifying the active aspect of biodynamic massage. provide clients with a yet deeper way of being met, even during moments of enlivened, active massage
  • advanced transit work – detect and follow along with spontaneously arising integrative effleurage