Biodynamic Massage Mentorship


One on one professional support to nourish your advancement of biodynamic work.

Prerequisites: Open to all licensed health-care providers. Successfully complete Advanced Biodynamic Massage (BIODM  3).


75 CEUs  over 6 months or 12 meetings
45 hours supervised and exchanging with Todd
30 hours exchanging with a graduate

Mentorship begins with the practitioner at their current level of practice. We notice what is developing well and what could use support. There is no set curriculum for the mentorship other than discovering how each unique practitioner relates to quietude and then helping them open profoundly to embodiment of biodynamic work.

A number of practitioners find the process so valuable that they get back in line to engage another mentorship after completing the first. Since there’s a waitlist for mentorship, and so few of them can be completed each year, it is recommended to get on the waitlist as soon as your interest indicates. To enter the waitlist, students must have completed the Advanced Biodynamic Massage course. Average wait time is 5 years.

mentorship process

  • meet approximately twice per month for a 4 hour block of time
  • for the first hour, you’ll treat a client model (provided), while Todd assists you
  • there will be a bit of chat afterwards, clarifying what was learned while treating the model and addressing any questions that arise
  • then, you’ll receive treatment from Todd for an hour, helping you drop more profoundly into quietude, assisting your non-verbal understanding and experience of advanced biodynamic work
  • there will be a few moments to chat after your receiving time, to explore anything related to the session
  • from this deeper place, you’ll then treat Todd for an hour. it’s ok to ask questions and get direct feedback about the interface process while treating
  • another brief round of discussion follows, where we explore any questions arising from the giving perspective, and develop a few items to focus upon practicing between now and the next meeting
  • after the mentorship meeting, you’ll exchange treatment within an approved pool of practitioners before the next mentorship meeting, to better embody what is emerging in the mentorship and receive experienced feedback