intermediate biodynamic massage evaluations

What did you value most about this training?

“The hands-on practice time with assistant support/shadowing/guidance was perhaps the most transformative in terms of getting a more confident felt sense of the work.”

“The opportunity for so much growth over the course of 4 days.”

“The patience with learning, the support and compassion when getting in my own way.”

“Deep felt sense of being snugly held in a loving container.”

“Connecting with the quiet community of practitioners with tremendous support to be vulnerable, grow, share and evolve in this art of touch.”

“Todd’s ability to name how I’m getting in the way at a moment when I could feel and acknowledge what is being named. I grow miles in these moments. Even when I’m struggling to digest what is being reflected, he is steady in his kindness and connection to me.”

“The receiving was earth moving.”

“Personal feedback while I was working made all the difference.”

“The time was well spent and the class small enough that I was given the time and support necessary to truly learn.”

“The amount of time allowed for exchanges and the ample one on one with teacher/assistants.”

“How it has changed my practice. I’m naturally moving with this new approach with clients and find that exciting.”

“The non-dual and non-western teaching style, the question and answer sessions, personal hands-on feedback when working a the table.”

“The profound heart-opening experiences.”

“I feel like my work will never be the same. I deepened my allowance of what I am perceiving.”

What made the biggest difference in your ability to feel and understand this work?

“Allowing the separate sense of self to recede and becoming aware of the connection/one-ness of the system – and then following and trusting.”

“The fluid progression of the material covered in the handbook along with opportunities to put it into practice, plus the guided meditations prepping us for the work.”

“Lots of giving and receiving and assistance with both.”

“The times I received confirmation that I was on the right track when working. It helped solidify confidence in myself.”

“The little moments of feedback make a huge difference in how I relate to this work. It makes me feel seen and heard in ways I didn’t know I needed to be witnessed.”

“The prompt to allow my inner body to let go and allow the recipient’s inner body in seems to be shifting my understanding in favorable ways.”

“Having plenty of interaction with the instructors.”

“Feeling the hub begin to open and spread quietude throughout the client’s body. I’ve never felt that before.”

“The heightened sense of quietude moving my body in space as the practitioner.”

What feedback would you like to share about the assistants?

“She was wonderful. The depth of her practice is so palpable and her presence deepened the container. Awesome sense of humor.”

“It was helpful to hear about her experiences with the work as a continuing practitioner.”

“Monica has a way of being kind and patient while teaching – and she also reminds us to be playful and enjoy ourselves.”

“Monica’s gentle, strong presence has been an inspiring and supportive space to learn and grow with humor and grace.”

“Her presence and warmth is nutritive and instructive to my own ability to be gentle with myself.”

“She’s non-judgemental and kind.”

“Insightful, helpful, gentle, spot on.”

“Well timed, succinct and valuable use of words.”

“Her narration of what was happening as I was treating someone was incredibly helpful to confirm my sensations and guide me to discovering new sensations.”

“They consistently supported me in finding greater ease while working.”

“So knowledgeable, present, perceptive, passionate, kind, patient, generous.”

“They were absolutely fantastic.”

Any other feedback you’d like to share?

“Thank you for helping me remember how to remember how to be without telling me.”

“So grateful to be invited to join this!”

“Exceeded my dreams of how I could move forward personally & with the work on the table as a practitioner.”

“It was another amazing workshop and I’ll be back for more!”

“Thank you for your keen ability to meet students where they are at.”

“This is my favorite learning environment. Such vulnerability explored, and the congruency in actions, words and touch of the facilitators.”

“I wanted to share that I’ve been practicing the integrative effleurage techniques with clients, and the feedback has been pretty astounding. I have heard phrases such as “I have never felt so whole”, “It feels like I’m introducing myself to myself”, “This is the most relaxed I have ever been”, and some tears and emotional release along with “this is just so beautiful”. Each time I have the privilege of immersing in a 4-day training, I witness immediate benefit to those that I get to treat. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful body of work!”