advanced biodynamic massage evaluations

What was the most significant moment for you personally or professionally during this workshop?

“When asked ‘what is preventing me from trusting/allowing myself to be moved through space by the hub’ – that touched me and opened my heart. It gave me freedom and relaxation. It felt so easy at that moment.”

“The ease that results from loosening concentration and any need to do anything. What it really feels like to let go.”

“Learning how to let go of habitual massage strokes and be led in the moment.”

“Sensing the moments when I can feel myself being moved on a physical level.”

“How you worked with me with kindness and care in sharing my keen interest in recognizing and practicing quietude-directed-massage and how to be with those movements physically, energetically and with my central channel.”

“Seeing all the participants’ shifts inside…so much in just 6 weeks.”

“The presentation on motives, the assignment regarding motives and your feedback to my motives worksheet. This is a pivotal area and receiving, inquiry and support around this has proved to be very nourishing.”

“When I had no therapeutic goal and the distinction between client and practitioner evaporated. Really seeing for the first time all the unconscious barriers that prevent this from occurring – and a deeper understanding of my own heart.”


How is your practice of biodynamic massage different now, compared to before the workshop?

“I feel like I have a better understanding and felt sense for actually following and being directed by the client’s quietude than ever before.”

“More freedom, ease, and full participation.”

“I feel I’m more in my heart. I can feel the difference between not palpating in my heart center and palpating from there.”

“I feel like I can follow my glandular palpation more than before, and able to be guided more by the hub, which is amazing.”

“Attachment and conditioned ‘self’ habit is softer, so ability to ‘be’ in the space now is greater.”

“More merged in the earth, with the trees, in the Big ‘just being’ makes for greater reminder for love, and more fearless moments.”


What made the biggest difference in how you connect with the client?

“being *with* the client much more profoundly, as in moving toward ‘no other’ ”

“the hands-on adjustments to show me where I’m holding as well as how I can be more in sync with movements within the hub.”

“the last day of dynamic mudra practice.”

“the heart-hand-hub relationship”

“motives exploration, pineal presence at the hub’s pith, hub swaddling”

“heart-hand-hub, motives exploration, pineal presence at pith of hub, clarifying boundaries, dual vectoring, quietude transits”

“dynamic mudra, heart hand hub, motives exploration, clarifying boundaries, hub swaddling, inner-body configurations”

“dynamic mudra, heart-hand-hub, dual vectoring, hub swaddling”


Any other feedback you’d like to share?

“I appreciate the risk you are willing to take to be vulnerable/open to learning with us at pivotal times.”

“Thank you for creating and hosting a safe space for us to explore this together. It is invaluable for exploring the fears that hold us back.”

“I loved the candid and honest talk about boundaries and informed consent.”

“These gatherings and teachings have been such a terrific contribution to the way I relate to others and life in general.”

“The teachings, holding boundaries, the handout writing all shows outstanding commitment to teaching this work.”

“Thank you for the jaw-dropping clarity of communication in the handout.”