cranial 1 – biodynamic interface evaluations

What did you like most about this event?

“The experiential focus rather than words/anatomy.”

“Todd – he was confident and inspiring. He also effectively encouraged me to stick with it. I loved the emphasis on presence.”

“The concept of looking for health (instead of problems) in a person was a much appreciated paradigm shift for me.”

“Your organization and creativity and varied exercises for application. Mixing it up made it fun and spontaneous!”

“The amount of hands-on work we were able to do, it was not all reading & book work. This kept my attention and I was able to learn. Also when I was struggling Todd always knew just how to make it easy so I could understand my felt sense.”

“Flexibility of focus during the workshop – seemed like the curriculum was changeable depending upon needs.”

“Your loving presence and gentle guidance from start to finish. You explain difficult concepts with utmost patience and never seem to get hooked into someone’s particular issue or potential conflict. But my fave was all the hands-on time!”

“I truly appreciate all the personal attention in treatment time and answering questions. This was the finest and most fun workshop I have ever attended.”

“The profound transformation from quietude & stillness. I appreciate Todd’s ability to articulate this etheric work in such a grounded, real way. That allowed me to connect very quickly to the work.”

“Excellent individual attention; open, non-judgemental attitude that greatly facilitated learning and a different feeling about the knowledge that was already present.”

“The recognition of the gathering of health in the body rather than focusing on disease or what’s not working.”

“I feel that I got exactly the attention and guidance that I needed. I feel that everybody got that.”

“I love the whole underlying teaching that it is the intelligence within that does the work.”

“The lack of ego and selflessness of Todd, Beth & Donna while helping us.”