cranial 2 – deepening quietude evaluations

What was the most significant moment for you personally or professionally during this workshop?

“The first time I felt the pith dissolve and change and the health spread throughout the client.”

“Finding my hands deep within my client’s body and flowing along with them.”

“Witnessing that the work happens no matter how I see it, as long as I am fully present and connected to my heart.”

“Feeling the healing stillness healing me as the practitioner while it was also healing the client.  Wow.”

“Finally ‘wanting’ to meditate rather than ‘needing’ to.”

“Learning to ‘not do’ – and how it moved my felt-sense and inner-body more deeply within the client.”

“Feeling my central channel move my entire body towards the client’s quietude.”

“Pushing myself to the limits of my current ability to be exquisitely attuned and tender while keeping a precise focus on quietude”

“Learning to feel beyond motility/neutral to deeper aspects of queitude.”


What did you like most about this event?

“The amount of hands-on time.”

“It kept its level of challenges & intensity from start to finish. There was no time to sink back into ‘comfort zone’ or self indulgent processing.”

“The ‘moulding’ experiences following qi-gong warm-ups were quite amazing – one organism.”

“All the bodywork received !”

“The amount of calmness and control that I now carry with me.”

“It was worth every penny.”

“The setting of safety and kindness and positivity is so appreciated.”

“The most profound aspects I learned are without words to describe them.”


What made the biggest difference in your ability to understand and share this work?

“Having you close-by, often hands on top of mine, and acknowledging when I was getting something.”

“Your amplification when you place your hands on top of mine continues to wake up my system to more subtlety.”

“Todd’s hands on me when I was practicing, providing feedback and energetic/tactile guidance.”

“Being more willing/able to stay open to moving my own body when working.”

“When I had a big change as the client. Todd was working on me through the student working on me. I don’t know how to explain it very well, but I could feel everything when normally I can’t as the receiver.”

“Getting very clear permission to “be with” and not “to seek.”

“Receiving when I clearly felt how it feels different when the practitioner works from a non-personal space.”

“The shift in perspective that came from the exercises. Very powerful.”


What would you like to share about the assistants?

“Her warmth and openness are wonderful to work with.”

“It was amazing to work with assistants who’ve been doing this a really long time, who have cultivated the presence of and connection to quietude to great depths.”

“Her presence is so direct, yes gentle and sensitive.”

“Everything is amplified in my perceptive field when she assists. Super grateful for her presence.”

“Thank you for your patience and regularly helping me relax and soften into each session.”

“So helpful, gentle, amazing; couldn’t have done the work without you!”

“Very supportive. Good use of words to describe the process when clarifying perceptions at the table.”

“Great suggestions about how to be more grounded/centered. Very encouraging. Humble and kind.”

“Her presence at the table is as light and clear as her heart.”

“She condenses understanding into words with great clarity.”

“Loved their willingness to speak up, share their perspectives and articulate their own experiences.”

“Solid loving presence and dedication, unique spot-on insights.”


Any other feedback you’d like to share?

“I am so thankful for this way of working. Thanks for the bountiful snacks and tea. Handouts are fantastic learning tools.”

“Huge gratitude for the way you support us during our learning.”

“I love the small class size and the ambience of the classroom.”

“I’m feeling more clear and confident about what I’m feeling. I sense a greater level of trust in my felt sense and connection to quietude.”

“Thank you for making the teaching available in a palpable, patient way.”

“I’m grateful for the safety of the environment, the lack of ego, the palpable quality of being present and available.”

“I learn so much from receiving. It was wonderful to spend so much time on the table.”