Seeing & Understanding Bodies, Part 2


What was the most significant development for you personally or professionally during this workshop?

“The felt-sense experience of vitality/life moving through the postures – both personally and with others.”

“To experience change within my own felt sense that was beyond intellect and effort, coming from a very new resource. Potent experience of an inner intelligence and the ability to access it through the awareness of derma, inner-body, pineal, and non-dual emplacement. It lights up a whole new avenue to supporting others in their personal process. This skill of honing this intuition is exactly what I’ve been looking for as a teacher.”

“I had an experience with another student connecting derma to derma and I felt it. It calmed me. I was so sweet. This experience made me want to teach again, to teach on a more understanding level.”

“Being able to connect more deeply and clearly with students.”

“The introduction to and working with the derma-body, the inner-body, the pineal gland, and the “next generation” adjustment style/partnership work.”

“Having what was already occurring in me legitimized in a group/conversational setting allowed me to trust myself. I had to do a lot of work to be ready for a series like this, and it was possibly the most fruitful training I’ve had, for my teaching and for being a person.”

“The guided meditations helped me reinforce my exploration and understanding of my inner-body. It became clear that developing my pranayama and meditation practices will support this inner-body work.”

“A validation of the power & skill of intuitive sensing of other people’s bodies combined with the tools to improve and get more specific with it.”

“The exploration of the pineal gland! Identifying it within my body and being made aware of it’s power and potential presents a sea change in my self awareness…It did not occur to me that I could cultivate a relationship with it and utilize it in connecting with others. I am grateful for this information!”

“My heart cracked open (in a good way) and took it’s rightful place back into my body after many years of my being led by my powerful thinking mind. My intuition has been very much present and strong in the past, so I look forward to it’s reappearance and use!”

“Gaining a deeper understanding of inner-body weight distribution. The demonstration you gave of eka pada sarvangasana was extremely helpful in showing how the distribution of inner-body weight can affect a pose.”


What made the biggest difference in your ability to understand and share this work?

“When I was starting to feel successful in connecting with someone’s inner-body, Todd came over and helped me to go further into the process by laying his hands on mine and connecting in and guiding me to connect with the pineal gland.”

“Seeing students as healthy and whole, foremost. They are not something to be fixed. The “bleacher” setup with the group talking about the pose is always extremely helpful.”

“Todd’s clarity in his feedback to me, whether through touch or words or presence.”

“The visual (watching you work on others); the hands-on partnering, especially when you also applied your hands. Finally, when you worked on me (also doing the pose), I felt it within and somehow could then more easily convey/practice/share with others.”

“You try different teaching methods and the variety works wonders.”

“Each week you presented valuable components that were helpful building blocks to one another. The guided meditations were also powerful tools for self discovery.”

“The guided meditations and one on one exercises were great. I also appreciated the amount of time dedicated to peoples’ questions.”

“I thought the development of content and format was excellent. At first it was a little overwhelming as I never imagined I had such potential to intuitively explore my self and others in this way. The demonstrations were key to understanding how to approach this information.”

“Your ability to listen and respond to countless questions with patience and generosity. Your organized approach combined with your ability to be flexible when necessary. Your creation of a safe class, with camaraderie.”