unwinding evaluations


What did you value most about this training?

“All the different ways to unwind – the break down of the steps was so helpful.”

“I am most impressed by the skill in the room. Nice work training so many wonderful practitioners.”

“The support and steady guidance.”

“The incredible container to develop the ability to trust and let go of self to make room for something more to come through.”

“How the curriculum was oriented towards our particular group.”

“The willingness of all participants to let go of themselves and explore in such a wonderfully nurturing way.”


What moment made the most memorable difference in your ability to understand this work?

“The one-on-one feedback and the somatic experience of unwinding myself.”

“Being in the community with everyone here, sharing in the learning environment.”

“Being with quiet, what is most deeply quiet while being moved.”

“Going through the ‘birthing process’ and truly feeling safe in doing nothing because I had no concept of ‘anything'”

“It’s always when I realize there’s more to let go of.”

“Asking questions in the moment when giving.”

“Receiving a session of in utero work in with multiple practitioners.”

“Hands on assistance from you to merge with the process instead of watching it.”

Other feedback.

“This course was great and I wish I had taken it sooner.”

“Thank you for the most excellent new content in the handbook and course.”

“So glad to be in this community.”