inner body yoga

BKS Iyengar trained and inspired Donald Moyer. Donald originated and directed The Yoga Room in Berkeley, California for over 30 years. Donald’s writings on yoga, as shared in his book “Yoga: Awakening the Inner Body” has received Mr. Iyengar’s acknowledgement, approval and encouragement.

Inner Body Yoga is not Iyengar yoga, although both feature cultivation of the felt-sense with an exploration of healthy alignment recognized from the inside out. Inner Body Yoga uses the felt-sense to monitor the relationships between gravity lines, connective tissue tone, movement through space, and practitioner awareness to elicit the greatest expression of health available in each pose. This process empowers the practitioner to discern proper alignment and working methods from their own direct perception instead of relying upon alignment dictates.

Todd Jackson began studying Inner Body Yoga with Donald Moyer and Mary Lou Weprin in 1996. He helps students cultivate and refine their felt-sense abilities by sharing original material from his personal practice in addition to the valuable discoveries of Donald & Mary Lou. Teaching since 1997, Todd is known for his sequencing skills, sophisticated hands-on adjustments and friendly humor. His ability to see and understand what is happening in a student’s body from across the room has earned him a reputation as a teacher who can adeptly guide students through their challenges to improved inner body integration. While graduating from the Advanced Studies Program at The Yoga Room in Berkeley, he continued his long-term studies with Donald for 18 years, and continues to study with Mary Lou. Todd offers training to other yoga teachers through advanced studies in yoga sequencing, seeing and understanding bodies and other principles of inner body yoga.

Todd presents two 4-day immersions per year.  One in February and another in July.  His weekly in-person classes run in 10-14 week terms, and are consistently full and waitlisted.  His online classes extend the learning opportunity to those living beyond Portland, and those on the waitlist for in-person classes.  Todd also shares a video library of classes and workshops, so students unable to attend early morning classes can still enjoy Inner Body Yoga.  His private practice is full and closed, so private yoga instruction is not available.