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Todd presents biodynamic cranial and biodynamic massage workshops as continuing education for professional bodyworkers. With over 30 years sustaining a full time bodywork practice, and teaching biodynamic work for 27+ years, he brings proven experience to guide students as they learn.  Todd is known for developing profound and original approaches to the teaching and practice of biodynamic work. podcast interview

biodynamic bodywork

bio = life
dynamic = a force or factor that controls or influences a process of growth, change, interaction, or activity

Growth, change, interaction and activity all imply movement. Biodynamic bodywork moves with life’s forces that bring growth, change, interaction and activity.

The overwhelming majority of bodywork tasks the practitioner to deliver a technique to affect an outcome. The practitioner holds a motive to discover what is considered amiss, and applies their will via subtle or strong force, to create a desired result for the client.

In biodynamic bodywork we learn how to move with life. In order to move with life, we must set aside our motives, so that we can move congruently with life’s forces, letting them guide the treatment process.

Todd teaches students how to connect directly to life’s primary biodynamic force, quietude. He helps students directly experience the felt embodiment of moving with this life force. Practitioners learn how to feel their hands and body be animated by this biodynamic connection. This connection delivers the treatment, instead of the practitioner’s motives, desires, will or intent.

biodynamic cranial vs. biodynamic massage

Both modes offer value for clients and practitioners. Some practice both. Some find that one is a better fit for their circumstances. Explore how they differ.

complete curricula

Biodynamic Cranial
Biodynamic Massage

training process

Beginning workshops are offered twice or more annually. Intermediate workshops are offered yearly or every other year. Advanced workshops are offered once every 3-5 years. Todd teaches the intermediate and advanced workshops. Beginning workshops are presented by a variety of bodyworkers who’ve completed all advanced trainings and a mentorship with Todd.

Students complete giving and receiving requirements, maintaining a practice log, in order to qualify for the next tier of training. Many students repeat courses with a 30% discount, to get the work at a deeper level.

Class sizes are 6-12 students, with a teacher or co-teachers, in addition to assistants.

This training process emphasizes practitioner cultivation, orienting to health instead of dysfunction, ongoing support between workshops, a digestible curriculum, and supporting local talent. Read what makes this biodynamic training stand out among others.


Todd is happy to help with any questions about biodynamic trainings offered. contact