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Todd presents inner body yoga, based upon long term studies with senior Iyengar teachers. The classes are not formal Iyengar classes. They help students learn how to sense and work with subtle relationships between organs, bones, fascias, muscles and more.

Each series of classes features a different focus. This content is shared from Todd’s own yoga practice, where he is exploring and developing how to connect students to the parts of themselves left behind by other types of yoga, left behind by cultural habituations, left behind by other forms of activity. For example, we might spend 10 weeks focusing upon how to sense and feel the kidneys, moving from them, while practicing poses. see other examples

You will learn *how* to do yoga, with original instruction by a skillful and experienced teacher, in an inclusive and compassionate environment.

In class, there are no mirrors on the wall, no music playing, no flowing from one pose to the next. Just your awareness exploring how to connect in new ways to your form, to boost your health.

Most students are in their 30’s to 70’s. They have moved on from the styles of yoga that were designed for teenagers and 20-somethings. They are interested in learning at a deeper level and helping their body age with grace and resilience.

Classes frequently conclude with pranayama, or guided breathing explorations. Not just any pranayama, but breathwork that is specifically designed to amplify the benefits gained from the asana sequence presented that day.


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class level

All classes are intermediate level classes. Students should arrive knowing the basic postures, basic alignment principles, and be able to sustain most poses from 30-90 seconds. Inversions are presented in classes, along with alternatives. Those with knee, back, shoulder, etc. issues will be able to find alternative postures that accommodate their scenario.

class structure

Classes are taught in yoga terms. There are 4 terms a year. Each term is 9-14 weeks long, with a 1-3 week break between terms. Todd presents a specific focus for each term. So when you register for a term of classes, each class in the series will build upon the cues and awareness being explored.

yoga props

Students attending in-person classes are provided with all props at the yoga studio, including a yoga mat. If you want to bring your own yoga mat, you’re welcome to do so. Students attending online via zoom will need a yoga mat, 2 blocks, a strap, a large round bolster, and at least four yoga blankets, in addition to a yoga chair. You can improvise with less, but once committing to classes, please update your home prop supports. prop sources

registration process

You can register to attend in-person or online. It is recommended to register before the beginning of the term, so that you’re introduced to the focus of the term at the first class, which will build as the term progresses. It’s ok to register part-way through the term, and pay pro-rated fee for the remaining classes in the term.

free online yoga classes

To support those with financial need in continuing their yoga practice, free online classes are available. read more


In-person classes occur at:
Yoga Refuge
7831 SE Stark, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97215

zoom registration process

When purchasing a drop-in zoom class, or registering for a term of online classes, the website will immediately send you an email with the zoom link to enter class. If you don’t get one right away, please check your junk folder or promo tab. You may want to set up a filter so that all mail from goes directly to your inbox.

make-up options

If you miss a registered class, you can make it up at any class taught during the current term. You can also assign your missed class credit to an appropriately skilled yoga friend and bring them to an in-person class, or share a link for them to attend online. You can do an online or in-person make-up class regardless of the type of class for which you registered.

credit for missed classes

Please make-up your missed classes due to illness, travel or other circumstances during the current term. They do not carry over to the following term. Credit for missed classes only applies to medical absences due to surgery or similar debilitating medical scenarios.

video library

Many students subscribe to the “Yoga Class Recordings” bundle on the video library. Some students find that the class days and times don’t quite work for their schedule, but they want this type of yoga practice, so they participate via weekly uploaded classes. Some students find that in addition to their regular weekly attendance, they want to see the other classes that happened each week, to boost their home practice.


Todd is happy to help with any questions about inner body yoga or classes. contact