office directions


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Treatments occur at 2507 NE 62nd Ave.
View a google map here.

After many years of treating clients in healthcare offices, I’ve decided to simplify my life and move the practice to our house. The front of the house has been remodeled to include a waiting room and a treatment room. The office space is private and sealed off from the remainder of the house. The neighborhood is more quiet than any office I’ve worked in previously.

You can find the office a couple blocks south of the light at NE 62nd and Sandy Blvd. It is located on the corner of NE 62nd and Brazee. You will find ample on-street parking along the property. A bike rack is available on the front porch. The house is a bungalow, dark brown with white trim…a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. The front door will be unlocked 10 minutes prior to a scheduled appointment. Please enter without knocking and take a seat in the waiting room. I will be with you shortly.

chocolate cupcage

If you find the weather suitable, you’re welcome to wait on the front porch (see below) instead of in the waiting room. I’ll come out and get you when your appointment time arrives.

front porch