Handstand Guide


Gain confidence entering handstand and progress to enduring balance.

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The Handstand guide is intended to accompany students enrolled in the “Introduction to Handstand” and “Refining Handstand” workshops.   It is available for download to students and teachers who have yet to attend the workshops but would like to advance their understanding and skill with adho mukha vrksasana, or handstand.  The Handstand Guide features two sections, Introduction and Refinement. 


Learn how to properly place your hands, strengthen your arms and coordinate your body to kick up into
handstand. Handstand improves the health of the ears, nose, throat, thyroid, lungs and intestines. It helps clear
depression, gives us a feeling of accomplishment, lightens the heart and brings clarity with strength of focus to
the mind. The Handstand guide outlines the important alignment and movement strategies for a successful
handstand by someone new to the pose. The guide also includes home practice sequences. One sequence to improve shoulder and arm
strength, one to improve shoulder flexibility, and a general sequence that trains the neuro-muscular circuitry to
coordinate the launch into the handstand.


There are many ways to improve one’s alignment, full body integration and sense of effortlessness in handstand. The guide offers rarely shared and highly effective working methods to gradually train the body to balance in handstand away from a wall.  Learn to move away from gravity with grace, to find the
continuity of expression from the hands to the feet.

Step by step guidance to…

  • move from balancing with one foot on the wall to balancing without wall contact
  • come into handstand with two or more feet of space between the hands and the wall
  • come into handstand without using the wall at all
  • enter handstand in the center of the room
  • descend from handstand slowly and gracefully, one leg at a time
  • descend from handstand slowly and gracefully, two legs at a time
  • enter into handstand with two legs moving symmetrically

This 19 page .pdf file (300dpi images, 20MB) contains black and white images with
instructions, yoga sequences and training progressions.