Teaching Shoulderstand Guide


This is a 44 page guide for yoga teachers to present sarvangasana to their students.  It covers sarvangasana benefits and risks, flexibility and functional movement preparations, prop arrangements, entering and exiting shoulderstand, safety checks, functional movements while in sarvangasana, shoulderstand alternatives progression towards the full pose, and an article about menstruation and inversions.  Hi-res images depicting the written guidance.

Core Strength Guide


Build your core strength safely with yoga sequences designed to both tone and release.  The Core Strength guide includes eight sequences.  Four for level 1 students to improve shoulder, back, hips and abdominal strength.  Four for level 2 students to gain greater power and stability in their shoulders, back, hips and abdomen. This .pdf file (300dpi images, 38MB) is 23 pages in black and white.  The sequences include images of students in poses, without descriptive text as it is intended for students already familiar with the presented poses.

Teaching Headstand


Teaching Headstand presents the benefits and risks of sirsasana, and outlines the flexibility and functional movement preparations necessary to perform the pose. Numerous pictures show how to gradually progress preparations for headstand, entering headstand, balancing in headstand, and descending safely. With a special section dedicated to visual and verbal depictions of dangerous alignments and how to change them towards health. Included is a 7-page alternatives progression, so you can gradually introduce your students to sirsasana in a safe and structured way. Please note that this purchase is for a .pdf file (47mb, 36 pages), intended for online viewing, which you can download to any device.

Biodynamic Quietude Practice


Discover the palpable realm of biodynamic quietude

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