These recommended bodyworkers have completed advanced coursework and a 6 month mentorship with Todd. Some practice only biodynamic cranial work, some only biodynamic massage work, and some provide both. Several are now teaching this work to other health care providers. Scroll down for referrals to other types of practitioners.

Alison Punton

Alison completed a biodynamic massage mentorship in which she showed strong skills in following movements through fascia accompanied by moderate to deep pressure. I have opted to receive from her several times when in acute low back pain, and she has calmed my nerves, helped me recover functionality, and reduced my pain appreciably. Alison’s strong hands and fearless following of biodynamic movements through fascia will leave you feeling more grounded yet spacious.

Angela Severson

Angela assists me when I train others in biodynamic massage. She has a gracious bedside manner and can follow the body’s connective tissues while they unwind, leading to deeper releasing and integration. Angela completed a biodynamic massage mentorship and has sought out additional advanced training in her pursuit to be optimally equipped to meet the emerging needs of clients. Her dedication to following the source of health bubbling up from within the client during biodynamic massage is uncommon and refreshing.

Angie Ringwald

Angie has attended a number of biodynamic massage workshops and has completed a biodynamic cranial mentorship. She is skillful in finding the taut, restrictive tissues and applying deep pressure while following their release. Angie’s background teaching yoga gives her a deeply felt understanding of body mechanics which she brings to the table to help clients unbind the source of their discomforts.

April Straus

April completed a mentorship in biodynamic cranial therapy, all advanced coursework in biodynamic massage trainings, assists at trainings, and teaches my beginning level courses in cranial and massage work. She generously volunteers to help others studying this work, in addition to giving herself fully to the present moment when treating clients. April’s acupuncture practice, combined with her massage and cranial skills, provide a concentrated catalyst to bring clients deeply into the space that remains when all of life’s superficialities and catharsis resolve.

Daria Howell

Daria completed a biodynamic cranial mentorship and I can personally attest to her ability to connect to the quietude in the cranial system from which health steps forward to create potent change. Her touch is gentle but delivers an interface which brings the heart of the practitioner to the core of the client. Daria’s long career in bodywork aids her in remaining at ease and focused where other practitioners might waver.

Deborah Merkle

Deborah has completed all my cranial courses as well as a biodynamic cranial mentorship. She assists at intermediate and advanced workshops and teaches my beginning level cranial courses. Deborah is fantastically easy to be around while listening with playful presence and an open mind. She is passionate about going deeply into quietude during biodynamic cranial work.

Donna Oefinger

Donna completed one of the first biodynamic massage mentorships and assisted at many cranial and massage trainings. An exceptionally talented dancer, choreographer and instructor, her ability to recognize healthy movement through physical expression lends an adept maturity to Donna’s bodywork. Her touch is often gentle, unassuming and fearless while going deep inside the inner-body to address the more substantive issues.

Julie Robinson

Julie completed a biodynamic cranial mentorship in which she excelled at being willing to be vulnerable, the hallmark of a sincere practitioner who can genuinely allow quietude to direct the treatment process. Julie’s persistence, loyalty and ability to commit lends her clients’ cranial systems steadiness and strength to move forward.

Kelly Lé

Kelly completed a biodynamic massage mentorship in addition to advanced coursework in biodynamic cranial therapy. She excels at balancing the physical and energetic components of the treatment interface, helping clients experience physically rooted, deep inner-body change. Even when working robustly, Kelly’s soft and gentle responsiveness allows her to follow the treatment process delicately. Her adaptability to the present moment yields enduring change for clients.

Lynn Morrison

Lynn completed a biodynamic massage mentorship, bringing another layer of depth to her already well established deep tissue and cranial sacral practice. Her focus upon moving at the exact moment a client’s system moves, and remaining still, yet buoyant, when the system is quiet, helps clients feel they are being listened to at a deep physiological level. As a yoga teacher and long time practitioner, Lynn has a well cultivated three dimensional sense of the inner body and how it relates to muscle, bone, nerve and organ.

Monica Rudestam

Monica is a licensed acupuncturist and yoga instructor who provides craniosacral care to infants, children and adults. She completed a biodynamic massage mentorship, all advanced coursework in biodynamic cranial trainings, and now teaches my beginning level cranial and massage courses. Monica’s years of qigong and yoga practice shine in her work. Her touch is infused with a dynamic potency which easily entreats the health in clients to step forward and address issues. Whether seeing her for massage or cranial work, you’ll feel the difference her personal cultivation makes.

Sarah Hall

Sarah completed a biodynamic massage mentorship and assists at biodynamic massage and biodynamic cranial trainings, applying her keen sensitivity to discern where and how to help others connect to the source of health within. As an exceptional artist and long-time yoga practitioner, Sarah’s affinity for developing beauty through patient, detailed presence saturates her touch. Her hands transmit a loving heart, exquisitely listening.

Stacy Darby

Stacy completed a mentorship in biodynamic cranial, in addition to completing advanced workshops in biodynamic massage. Stacy now assists at workshops in addition to teaching my beginning level cranial coursework. She impeccably applies the principle of palpating quietude within the system and letting it guide the hands during treatment whether providing massage or cranial work. Stacy’s acute sense of integrity shines as she sets aside goal-oriented motives during treatment, taking the time to patiently work with the quietude building within. Her lack of applied motive during treatment yields more enduring, beneficial outcomes.


Biodynamic Cranial Therapy

Angie Ringwald Williams, LMT
April Straus, LAc, LMT, MAcOM
Daria Howell, LMT
Deborah Merkle
Donna Oefinger, LMT
Monica Rudestam, LAc, LMT
Julie Robinson, LMT
Kelly Lé, LMT
Sarah Hall, LMT
Stacy Darby, LMT
Wendy Hodsdon, ND


Cranial Therapy for Children

Carol Gray
Johanna Wearsch, LMT
Monica Rudestam, LAc, LMT


Other Cranial Therapy

Anne Hill, ND
Carol Conrades, PT
Jeffrey Burch, LMT


Biodynamic Massage

Alison Punton, LMT
Angela Severson, LMT
Angie Ringwald Williams, LMT
April Straus, LAc, LMT, MAcOM
Brigitte Kranabitl, LMT
Donna Oefinger, LMT
Kelly Lé, LMT
Laura Anderson, LMT
Lynn Morrison, LMT
Molly McMullen, LMT
Monica Rudestam, LAc, LMT
Sarah Hall, LMT
Sarah Kittleson, LMT
Venecia Battaglia, LMT


Other Massage Therapy

Lori Krampetz, LMT



Martha Pfleeger, LMT
Karin Wagner, LMT
Juan David Velez, LMT


Personal Training

Kristin Spurkland, BS



Anne Hill, ND
Mary Scott, ND, LAc
Wendy Hodsdon, ND



Katje Wagner, PhD, LPC
Robert Beatty



April Straus, LAc, LMT, MAcOM
Bill Frazier, MAc – 503-678-1585
Monica Rudestam, LAc, LMT
Susan Wilmoth, LAc



Bill Frazier, MAc – 503-678-1585



Chris Calarco
Jeff Amram
Lisa Mae Osborn
Mary Lou Weprin
Tanya Woods