Ordered Registration Process

Our workshops feature a small class size with high teacher to student ratios as a part of our commitment to help students truly embody what is presented. The content, and teaching approach, is uncommon and facilitates deep change for practitioners. And, given our other teaching and practice obligations, only a few workshops can be presented each year. So we often find demand to attend exceeds available spaces.

Those who’ve attended trainings find them so valuable, that they often repeat courses two or three times. They monitor the website and registration announcements and respond rapidly to claim spots in workshops.

We’ve ordered the registration process to help provide some structured opportunity to participate. The flow of workshop registration makes its way like a creek down the mountainside, bringing water to plants in a sequential fashion.

order of invitation to register

1) students who were waitlisted for the same workshop the last time it was offered
2) students who subsequently joined the waitlist for the next offering of the workshop
3) students who have not yet taken the workshop, but would like to attend
4) students who would like to repeat the course

When an upcoming workshop is listed on the website, it will first commonly be marked as full, with an option to join the waitlist. Public registration (#3 above) has not yet begun, and we are in the process of inviting those in #1 and #2 above. This is a good time to join the waitlist, to enter into #2.

If the workshop fills before getting to #3, then the website will continue to display that it is full, with a waitlist. If spaces remain, then people who qualify and have not taken the workshop previously will have 1 week to claim any remaining spaces.  After 1 week, any remaining spaces will be offered to those who would like to repeat the course.

Some workshops have prerequisites such as required hours of giving and receiving biodynamic bodywork. Students will want to hand in their practice logs in advance of registration opening. We do our best to open registration 2 months prior to the start of the workshop.