Biodynamic Interface

(Cranial 1)

Learning the interface basics to enhance palpation of motility and neutral, accessing the healing potentcy of quietude.

Prerequisites: Open to state licensed health-care providers and those enrolled in a health care training school leading to state licensing. Receive a biodynamic cranial session from a lineage-endorsed bodyworker. (If you live more than 40 minutes travel from a lineage recommended practitioner, you can meet the prerequisite by receiving from a local biodynamic cranial practitioner with at least 6 years experience. In the absence of a local, skillful and experienced biodynamic cranial practitioner, you can receive from a local practitioner with at least 6 years experience in their chosen persuasion of cranial work).

This workshop will be presented in White Salmon, WA.
$750 when paid in full by March 24. $800 after.

9am-5pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday
9am-1pm on Monday
24 CEUs  |  maximum 12 students
30% discount for repeating the course. Use coupon code “repeat” at checkout.

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high teacher to student ratio with ample hands-on guidance
What differentiates this biodynamic cranial training from other biodynamic trainings?
View the full curriculum for biodynamic cranial training.
Understand the differences between biodynamic massage and biodynamic cranial work.


biodynamic cranial therapy

At the heart of any healing modality lies the ability to remain present; biodynamic cranial therapy teaches us how. Come learn this subtle yet extremely potent way to facilitate deep healing.

With the biodynamic approach, we form a relationship to the health already abiding within the client and facilitate it’s expression throughout their entire being. Their cranial system shows us how to be more present via touch, which enables an intelligent healing potency to express itself freely within the client. Presence unites the practitioner to the natural world, enabling the client to access profound healing resources beyond treatment protocols.

You will learn how to biodynamically interface with the cranio-sacral system, advance your confidence in subtle palpation skills and experience the profound stillness at the heart of health.

course highlights

  • lineage history – a brief overview from cranial osteopathy with A.T. Still, D.O. to biodynamic work with current lineage practitioners
  • physical preparations – qigong shaking to cultivate practitioner sensitivity to, and relationships with, biodynamic fields
  • practitioner integrity – palpable, felt sense methods to verify being grounded and centered
  • fascial motility – learn how to detect cranial motility in body fascia. if you can palpate motility in fascia, you can treat all tissues
  • quietude spectrum – exploration of quietude as a biodynamic felt sense indication of healing depth and process
  • treatment cycles – how to catalyze healing by facilitating the transition from motility to neutral to motility again
  • field integration – work with the derma and inner bodies to shift the orientation of your perception to an inclusive, biodynamic unity between client, practitioner and surrounding nature
  • standing evaluation – when the client is standing, before treatment begins, learn how to assess where resources are already gathered and working on their behalf, so you know where to work to address their issues.
  • practical application – in addition to addressing biodynamic components of various client challenges, learn how to palpate osseous motility and work with it biodynamically to help those with acute to chronic musculoskeletal challenges


monica rudestam

Monica Rudestam, LAc, LMT strives to understand the uniqueness of the individual’s constitution and his or her personal blocks to health. She combines her acupuncture training, herbal and dietary therapy, and hands-on physical and energetic modalities in order to bring awareness to the physical and energetic blocks in the body that inhibit reaching our full potential. Monica completed a Biodynamic Massage mentorship with Todd Jackson in 2012, in addition to completing all advanced coursework in biodynamic cranial therapy. She now provides hands-on assistance at his intermediate and advanced trainings and teaches the beginning courses.


April Straus

April Duncan Straus, LAc, MAcOM, LMT graduated from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine with a masters degree in 2003.  An NCCAOM Diplomat since 2004, and an LMT since 1997, she continues her studies in craniosacral therapy, biodynamic massage, kiko style acupuncture and LifeLine Technique. April completed a Biodynamic Cranial mentorship with Todd Jackson in 2017, in addition to completing all advanced coursework in biodynamic massage. She now provides hands-on assistance at his intermediate and advanced trainings and teaches the beginning courses.


student feedback

What did you like most about this event?

“The learning space was so safe and nurturing – made all the difference in the world.”

“I truly appreciate all the personal attention in treatment time and answering questions. This was the finest and most fun workshop I have ever attended.”

“The experiential focus rather than words/anatomy.”

“The most profound use of touch I have found.”

“Todd – he was confident and inspiring. He also effectively encouraged me to stick with it. I loved the emphasis on presence.”

“The concept of looking for health (instead of problems) in a person was a much appreciated paradigm shift for me.”

“The positive environment. I felt very safe in the space as well as a lack of judgement and expectation.”

“Your organization and creativity and varied exercises for application. Mixing it up made it fun and spontaneous!”

“The amount of hands-on work we were able to do, it was not all reading & book work. This kept my attention and I was able to learn. Also when I was struggling Todd always knew just how to make it easy so I could understand my felt sense.”

“Flexibility of focus during the workshop – seemed like the curriculum was changeable depending upon needs.”

“Your loving presence and gentle guidance from start to finish. You explain difficult concepts with utmost patience and never seem to get hooked into someone’s particular issue or potential conflict. But my fave was all the hands-on time!”

“The profound transformation from quietude & stillness. I appreciate Todd’s ability to articulate this etheric work in such a grounded, real way. That allowed me to connect very quickly to the work.”

“Excellent individual attention; open, non-judgemental attitude that greatly facilitated learning and a different feeling about the knowledge that was already present.”

“The recognition of the gathering of health in the body rather than focusing on disease or what’s not working.”

“I feel that I got exactly the attention and guidance that I needed. I feel that everybody got that.”

“I love the whole underlying teaching that it is the intelligence within that does the work.”

“The lack of ego and selflessness of Todd, and assistants while helping us.”


What would you like to share about the assistants?

“They were gentle, accepting, very responsive when asked for feedback.”

“I felt supported by their attention without intrusion.”

“I liked that they had diverse approaches/styles. It provided variety of feedback that was very useful.”

“Lovely, great support, encouraging, holds the space extremely well.”

“They ask great questions while we’re working and during the discussion periods.”

“Very well-timed questions. Expansive presence that encouraged explorations in both verbal exchange and touch.”

“Their helpful, fierce integrity with words/actions was enhanced by playfulness.”

“I learned so much just by them being at the table while working together. They embody the work with authenticity and grace.”

“Stacy is a straight shooter, I love it.”

“I liked their ability to verbalize difficult concepts.”

“Her presence is so in tune with what I am feeling. It’s very reassuring.”


Other feedback

“I loved the open, beautiful people that were drawn to the workshop.”

“This was a wonderful and overall healing experience.”

“Upledger was easy for me. This opens a new challenge.”

“This is a much more organic way of learning compared to most CEUs.”

“The inclusiveness, kindness is nearly unprecedented. The best learning environment I’ve encountered.”

“I appreciate the thoughtfulness and sincerity of your work, as well as your sense of humor and realness.”

“I received so much healing and am blown away that I can offer this gift to others.”