This workshop will be presented outdoors, under canopies, with socially distanced tables, and everyone wearing masks. Since the event will be outdoors, participants should be open to accepting common environmental annoyances like neighbors mowing lawns, possible construction noise, kids skateboarding, conversations of passersby, inclement weather, muddy ground, etc.

9am-1pm and 2:30-6pm, Friday thru Sunday
9am-1pm on Monday

maximum 8 students
27 CEUs  |  read reviews  |  listen to interviews

prerequisite: prior to registering, receive a biodynamic cranial session from a lineage endorsed bodyworker.

30% discount for students repeating the course; use coupon “repeat” at checkout

please scroll down to review covid precautions for this event.

What you will learn

  • a sensation-based way to verify being centered and grounded when working with clients
  • how to form a physical interface which amplifies the cranial system’s self-healing potency
  • what quietude is and how it is affected by the practitioner’s state relative to the client
  • how to train the felt-sense to palpate the client’s derma-body and inner-body
  • how to detect where healing forces are gathered and working on behalf of your client, to connect with these forces and let them guide the treatment process
  • how to palpate motility and orient neutrals to usher in profound healing; biodynamic treatment cycles

At the heart of any healing modality lies the ability to remain present; biodynamic cranial therapy teaches us how. Come learn this subtle yet extremely potent way to facilitate deep healing.

With the Biodynamic approach, we form a relationship to the health already abiding within the client and facilitate it’s expression throughout their entire being. Learn how to palpate and employ cranial motility, fulcrums and neutrals to engage the deepest healing resources.

You will learn how to sensitively work with the cranio-sacral system, advance your confidence in subtle palpation skills and experience the profound stillness at the heart of health.  Open to all licensed health-care providers, yoga teachers, and lay-persons with a keen interest in learning how to connect and be present with others safely, respectfully, to enhance health.

Class sizes are intentionally small and assistants are employed to ensure students confidently integrate the approach. Ongoing support is available after workshops via Supplements, Treatment Exchanges, Feedback Sessions and Mentorship.


todd jackson

Todd Jackson has studied the biodynamic approach to cranial work with European osteopaths since 1994. Teaching since 1997, he encourages students with patience, lightheartedness, and a generous amount of hands-on guidance. Todd developed the “spectrum of quietude” as lens through which we can observe health unfolding within clients, ourselves and the world around us during cranial treatments. He maintains a high teacher to student ratio, favoring learning and transformation.

What did you value most about this training?

  • The three assistants and a teacher!
  • I felt a great deal of care and attention and humility from the assistants, which was a great facilitator.
  • Having a felt-sense of being held, guided and led by hands-on assistance and support.
  • The assistance was connected, quiet, and non-invasive, loving.
  • The perspective that the body can heal itself…the value of looking for quietude.
  • Really appreciated the teacher to student ratio.
  • The loving, non-judgemental support; the ongoing effort to use language to explain what can appear in a unique way to everyone.
  • The selection process for partnering, and the voluntary sharing. These make this an extremely safe space for me.
  • It feels like my practices, beliefs and worlds have all come together here.
  • This has been my favorite and most valuable training I have taken in any modality.
  • Impeccable instruction, wonderful assistants. Amazing.
  • The fact that Todd treated the question time with great attention and answered questions respectfully and with clarity, being sure to conclude the questions were answered thoroughly.

covid precautions

To increase our confidence in attending, we are asking all attendees to commit to enhanced social distancing for 10 days prior to the event. This means strict adherence to mask wearing in public spaces, avoidance of large social gatherings and long distance travel (airplane trips, train trips, bus rides). Please refrain from eating within restaurants or visiting bars. Face masks will be worn by all participants, assistants, and teacher during the course, regardless of vaccination status.

If any participant develops any cold or flu symptoms, tests positive for COVID, has been exposed to anyone with cold or flu symptoms or someone who has had a positive COVID test within 10 days of this workshop, they will have their deposit and workshop payments reimbursed in full and their space will go to someone on the wait list.

To comply with WHA guidelines we will do a final check-in the day before the event, emailing the following questions.

1) Have you had a new or worsening cough, shortening of breath, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, vomiting, diarrhea?
2) Have you or has anyone in your house been in contact with anyone with these symptoms or anyone who has been diagnosed with, or tested for, COVID-19 in the past 10 days?
3) Have you been in gatherings of 6 or more people, who do not live in your household, in the last 10 days? This includes protests, memorials, weddings, work activities, and holiday gatherings.
4) Have you or has anyone in your house traveled by plane, train or bus in the 10 days prior to the workshop?
5) Do you have any symptoms of illness, however slight, even of a common cold?

If someone is unable to respond ‘no’ to all questions, then they will not be able to attend. If the teacher is unable to respond ‘no’ to all four questions, then the event will be canceled.