Registration for this workshop is not yet open, but will open in March. It will follow an ordered registration process to help increase equitable access. Join the waitlist now to get queued for a spot once registration opens.

9am-12pm on Sunday, May 19
in Portland, OR
hosted by Todd Jackson, LMT
3 CEUs
maximum 12 students

Biodynamic Cranial Supplement

(Cranial S)

Hands-on guidance to supplement your understanding and growth between workshops.

Prerequisites: Open to state licensed health-care providers. Successfully complete Biodynamic Interface (Cranial 1) at a workshop presented by a teacher within this lineage of biodynamic training.


biodynamic cranial imageBiodynamic Cranial Supplements are elective sessions offered to help practitioners receive hands-on feedback as their skills grow between workshops, and explore questions that are developing about the biodynamic treatment process when practicing in the office. These supplemental sessions provide an opportunity to practice in a group setting with facilitated support to enhance the cultivation of proficiency. Each supplement includes 60-90 minutes of receiving treatment, time to ask questions, discussion, demonstrations as needed, and a healthy amount of hands-on guidance and assistance.

course highlights

  • professional development – fine tune your skill set as it grows between workshops in the curriculum
  • diversify trades – connect with bodyworkers both less and more experienced than yourself to expand your trading circle, and broaden your understanding of how the work is practiced and develops. receiving regularly, from diverse practitioners, our palpation skills and understanding grow. connect and end the isolated practice.
  • explore questions – bring your biodynamic practice questions with you to the supplement and gain new perspectives on how to navigate unfamiliar territories



April Straus

April Duncan Straus, LAc, MAcOM, LMT graduated from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine with a masters degree in 2003.  An NCCAOM Diplomat since 2004, and an LMT since 1997, she continues her studies in craniosacral therapy, biodynamic massage, kiko style acupuncture and LifeLine Technique. April completed a Biodynamic Cranial mentorship with Todd Jackson in 2017, in addition to completing all advanced coursework in biodynamic massage. She now provides hands-on assistance at his intermediate and advanced trainings and teaches the beginning courses.


monica rudestam

Monica Rudestam, LAc, strives to understand the uniqueness of the individual’s constitution and his or her personal blocks to health. She combines her acupuncture training, herbal and dietary therapy, and hands-on physical and energetic modalities in order to bring awareness to the physical and energetic blocks in the body that inhibit reaching our full potential. Monica completed a Biodynamic Massage mentorship with Todd Jackson in 2012, in addition to completing all advanced coursework in biodynamic cranial therapy. She now provides hands-on assistance at his intermediate and advanced trainings and teaches the beginning courses.


Stacy Darby


Stacy Darby, LAc, LMT has been practicing healing touch for over 20 years. She began studying biodynamic cranial and massage with Todd Jackson in 2013. She completed all advanced courses, a mentorship, and assists at his workshops, in addition to teaching the beginning level workshops. Stacy served as president of the Northwest Cranial Association, uniting practitioners of diverse cranial approaches to share skills and build community. 


todd jackson

Todd Jackson has studied the biodynamic approach to cranial work with European osteopaths since 1994. Teaching since 1997, he encourages students with patience, lightheartedness, and a generous amount of hands-on guidance. Todd developed the “spectrum of quietude” as lens through which we can observe health unfolding within clients, ourselves and the world around us during cranial treatments. He maintains a high teacher to student ratio, favoring learning and transformation.




Angie Ringwald Williams, LMT
Deborah Merkle, LMT
Donna Pongetti, LMT
Kelly Lé, LMT
Laura Anderson, LMT
Lynn Morrison, LMT, BCSI
Sarah Hall, LMT
Venecia Battaglia, LMT