hands connecting

Partner Dance for LMTs

Saturday, May 11
10am-2pm, $100
maximum 8 students
in Portland, OR
4 CEUs

Who can take this workshop:
Any practitioner who completed Cranial 1 or Beginning Biodynamic Massage with April Straus, Deborah Merkle, Monica Rudestam, Stacy Darby, or Todd Jackson can attend.

to register: contact Donna directly or click the link above.


Partner Dance for LMTs

Partner Dance for LMTs will increase your awareness of subtle changes within clients’ bodies. Feel the movements, rhythms, flows and respond to them. Gain a new perspective for connecting your heart and hands in concert with clients. Discover the lighthearted fun and grace of embodied presence in service to others.

Dance influences include Hustle (partner dance from NYC) and Waving (from CA’s Bay area). No prior dance experience or ability required. The body awareness and intricacy of movement you’ve already felt through your hands is all you need. Let’s playfully build on that to include the whole of you and the client. There will be hands-on time during the workshop, to transition your Partner Dance skills into your table time.


Donna Pongetti graduated from East West College of Healing arts and later became an apprentice to Todd Jackson in Biodynamic Massage. Donna has trained in several types of Cranial therapy, preferring Biodynamic Cranial Therapy. Her studies and experience lead her towards a new way of practicing that is deliberate, patient, and calls upon a deep internal listening to the clients body that has resulted in great success in relieving chronic tensions. As the director of Vivan Los Elementos, Donna has been teaching and performing Afro-Cuban and Brazilian dance and music since 1999. The internal expression and complex movements of the dances from Cuba and Brazil have given Donna insights into the body that have had a great influence on her understanding of the body within her Cranial Therapy and Massage practice.