sacred heartThis workshop will be presented indoors, with masked participants.

@ Yoga Refuge
7831 SE Stark, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97215
11am-4pm each day
no lunch breaks

20 CEUs  |   listen to interviews
30% discount for students repeating the course; use coupon “repeat” at checkout

prerequisites: must have previously completed Cranial 3 or Advanced Biodynamic Massage, in addition to Unwinding. Check in with Todd if you’ve met prerequisites, but are unable to register.


Sacred Heart

Facilitate deeper intimacy between the heavens, client and earth. Palpate and integrate your client’s central channel while they are vertical and walking around a large room. Resolve issues affecting the transfers between vertical and horizontal inner body movements. Help your clients resolve issues affecting them personally which are sourced in elements not personal to them.

The Sacred Heart course challenges practitioners to place their felt sense at the recipient’s central channel, while the recipient is standing, walking, or undergoing a variety of floor based movements. The practice of dynamic mudra will help us sensitize our felt sense to connect without motive, being present with the client’s process as they navigate their way through new territory.  We will work 5 hours without a break, each day, with multiple hands-on, unwinding treatments. Students are encouraged to pre-arrange downtime and support in the evenings, as the intensity of vertical processing initiates profound shifts within.

covid precautions

To increase our confidence in attending, we are asking all attendees to commit to enhanced social distancing for 10 days prior to the event. This  means wearing a mask when in groups of 6 or more people of unknown vaccination status, avoidance of large social gatherings and long distance travel (airplane, train and long-distance bus rides). Please refrain from eating within restaurants or visiting bars. Face masks will be worn by all participants, assistants, and teacher during the course, regardless of vaccination status.

A special provision applies for students who live outside Portland and fly in for the workshop.  Please bring with you a rapid test for each day of the workshop, so you can test prior to arriving for the day.

If any participant develops any cold or flu symptoms, tests positive for COVID, has been exposed to anyone with cold or flu symptoms or someone who has had a positive COVID test within 10 days of this workshop, they will will receive a refund of tuition, less $200 to be applied to another workshop in the same lineage within a year’s time.

We will do a final check-in the day before the event, emailing the following questions:

1) Have you had a new or worsening cough, shortening of breath, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, vomiting, diarrhea?
2) Have you or has anyone in your house been in close contact with anyone with these symptoms or anyone who has been diagnosed with, or tested for, COVID-19 in the past 10 days? Close contact is defined as someone who was less than 6 feet away for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period.
3) Have you or has anyone in your house traveled by plane, train or long-distance bus within 5 days prior to the workshop?
5) Do you have any symptoms of illness, however slight, even of a common cold